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Battle Value Balancer

Balancing Battle Value, especially with larger battles, can be a pain. Take 5-10 'Mechs on each side, give them each different gunnery and piloting skills, and what are the chances of the total BV matching up? Not much! So, you pull out the calculator, pencil and paper, and start making changes.

And if you want to further balance the battle by considering the Force Size rules in the new BattleTech TechManual, you're in for a long evening of math.

Unless - You have the Battle Value Balancer spreadsheet, exclusively available from HeavyMetalPro.com, newly updated to the latest published rules. This Excel spreadsheet is available to view online, or download to your PC. Don't have Excel? No problem! Just go to OpenOffice.org, where you will find a free, open source, multi-platform clone that reads and writes Excel, Word and other Microsoft Office files.

Below is a reduced size thumbnail of the spreadsheet. Click on it, or click here, to download and use the spreadsheet.


Note: You may have to enable Macros in Excel in order to use this spreadsheet. To do so, go to the menu and select Tools > Options > Security, then Macro Security. If you set the security level to Medium you will be asked when a spreadsheet is loaded whether to enable macros or not.

Note 2: March 12, 2007: With the assistance of Chris "Goose" Searls, the spreadsheet has been updated in accordance with latest Battle Value modifications for skills and quantities, as published in the BattleTech TechManual.

Note 3: June 7, 2009: Belatedly, the BV modifier table for skills was modified in accordance with the latest errata for the BattleTech TechManual.


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Please report any errors or questions concerning the Battle Value Balancer to Rick Raisley.
You may use this spreadsheet for your own use. You may modify it for your use by first Unprotecting it. You may not post it on a web site or other location for others to use. You may not link directly to the spreadsheet, but you can link to this page if you wish. Please read our Terms of Use.


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