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Dice Check

So, you don't believe the dice roller utility is truly random, huh? Too many head shots? Not enough crits? I know exactly how you feel! But trust me, the dice roller is as random as JavaScript functions can make it. But as a test, we thought you might like to roll the dice a bunch of times, and see how close the averages come up to what they should be. For example, the button below will roll a 1D6 die 600 times. Each number 1 through 6, should occur about 100 times. Let's see how close it comes, okay?

Note: The tools on this page require JavaScript. Check out More Fun Stuff!

Number of times to roll: 

Number 1: times      

Number 2: times

Number 3: times

Number 4: times

Number 5: times

Number 6: times

But, the fewer times you roll, the greater proportion of rolls any single die can get. That's why, when rolling just a few, or even a few dozen, times, the rolls can seem biased toward one number or another.

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