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Fun Stuff

Battle Value Balancer

Let the new Battle Value Spreadsheet help out when balancing those games, especially large ones where you have varying warrior skills. Even automate the Force Size rules from Operation: Stiletto and Operation: Flashpoint, as the rules are included right in the spreadsheet..

Dice Roller

The HeavyMetal Dice Roller page allows you to roll any number and size of dice, as well as determine missile, RAC and LBX hit quantities and locations. Try it, you'll like it.!

Line of Sight Calculator

BattleTech Master Rules LOS is easy enough, but what if you want to use the formula or chart in Maximum Tech? This calculator page simplifies LOS calculations, and let's you compare the three calculation methods.


A new feature at HeavyMetalPro.com, we will shortly be having contests in several categories. The contest entries will actually be posted on the HeavyMetal forums, with the winner in each category being determined by me. The winner will then get his or her design posted in HTML TRO mode, along with credits for their work, a picture if they have it available, and a file for everyone to download. The contest should start shortly, so if there aren't any winners shown yet, please stop back again before long.

Weapon Battle Value Calculator

Sure, the HeavyMetal programs calculate custom weapon BV, but here's another way of doing it. Plus, this page shows you the calculations, step-by-step, so you not only know the BV, you understand the BV.

Da Vinci the First 'Mech Designer?

A little known fact is that Leonardo Da Vinci, in addition to coming up with designs for helicopters and tanks, was also the first person to actually design a BattleMech. Read more, and see this fantastic design here.

Fighting Fish

One brave fish does more than his duty in the skies over Europe. Check out The Fish, pics from his latest film, his history and an 8 minute film about his exploits!

My 'Mech Photos

Several people have asked about some of the custom designs I've posted on the forums (like the Medusa, Ghost Ram and War Hog). So I've posted some pics of them, along with some other non-custom 'Mechs, for people to see. Most are not finished (seems I never really finish anything), but they may give you some ideas.

3D Map Sheets

We've made quite a few 3D map sheets, using the standard hex map sheets as a basis, to provide a nice feel and to make the 3D character of maps and line-of-sight more clear. I've posted some pics of a couple of these sheets to give you an idea what we've done, as well as detailed instructions to make them. You may want to try them too.

Murphy's Rules of Combat

A comprehensive list of Murphy's Rules, obtained from various sources on the Internet.

Interesting Quotations

A list of quotations from various sources that you may find interesting.

A Matter of Scale

Some people seem to think that WizKids' MechWarrior: Dark Age miniatures in 1/160 scale are close to the miniatures used in BattleTech (1/285 scale). While the numbers don't look that much different, the difference is quite surprising.

Kassie's First Christmas

No, this is not BattleTech or HeavyMetal related. But our cat Kassie has been discussed, along with other pets, on the HeavyMetal forums, so I thought I'd post these pics of her first Christmas, at age six months.

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