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Future Projects

Enhanced HeavyMetal Pro, HMPro6

This will be a substantially improved version of HeavyMetal Pro, probably called simply HeavyMetal Pro 6.0. Features being considered for it include: improved handling of design and printing of OmniMechs, alternate and custom ammo for weapons, and much more!

In addition to the new features and improvements intended, HMPro6 will include the new rules and equipment from the new Total Warfare series of programs, including the TechManual, Tactical Operations and the upcoming Strategic Operations. Work on this program is ongoing, but no estimated release date is yet available.

HeavyMetal Space Map

Now that HeavyMetal Map is complete, the Space Map program is slated for the future. A mapping program of the BattleTech universe, including the Inner Sphere as well as Clan homeworlds, with the ability to zoom, display and calculate jump paths and distances, etc. Space Map may also incorporate a form of Atlas or database for the Inner Sphere.

HeavyMetal SUV

While this program could, in fact, design your family SUV, in this case, the SUV stands for Support Vehicles. The new BattleTech Combat Equipment book outlines larger than ever ranges for traditional vehicles (like 100,000 ton battleships), as well as new types of vehicles (like airships), and addition to providing a more valid method of designing small, everyday vehicles.

HeavyMetal Warrior

A MechWarrior 3rd Edition Character Editor, HMWarrior will assist in designing characters according to this complex system, including full life path support. Being so complex, this program will probably be the last of those mentioned here to be released.

Other projects

Possible future products include a TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) program, which will allow players and campaigners to accurately and easily keep track of the costs of repairing and replacing their assets and much more. No time frame on these yet, as real world issues have been taking up most of my time. Other suggestions for future projects will also be considered, so ask away!

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