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HeavyMetal Aero Revision History

The following changes were made in V1.06 R7:

  • Revised minimum shots per ton for Capital weapons to be 0.001 shots, rather than 0.1 tons.
  • Corrected a problem with screen sizing and operation on monitor displays with
    resolutions over 2048 x 1536 in size.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R6:

  • Changed so that "Works with Artemis" can be selected with Level 2 custom weapons, in addition to Level 3.
  • Corrected crits of HV AC/2 (THB) and LB 5-X (THB).

The following changes were made in V1.06 R5:

  • Corrected the possibility of an overflow error when viewing the Tech Info screen.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R4:

  • Changed structure rounding of Aerodynes to be consistent with other designs.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R3:

  • Corrected where on the Tech Info screen a design with insufficient crew could be identified as having excess armor.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R2:

  • Fixed where to-hit mods over +1 were not considered when calculating custom weapon Battle Value.
  • Fixed where K-F Integrity was calculated after it was used, resulting in K-F cost sometimes being wrong.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R1:

  • Now allow external bomb loads on Level 2 Small Craft, per page 35 of AT2r.
  • Fixed where a problem with the HTML output with KF drives and double heat sinks.

The following changes were made in V1.06 R0:

  • Added a note on OmniFighters concerning increased thrust when underweight, whether by design or by dropping Pod-mounted equipment, per the optional rules in AT2R page 55.
  • Added new optional icon to exe for use on desktop, etc., thanks to Xedis Pryde.
  • Changed background color on tabs for more contrast.
  • Fixed where Screen Launchers didn't count toward weapon limits when calculating fire control tons.
  • Fixed where Fire Control tons was displayed incorrectly in the Fore and Aft locations on the weapon selection screen. Actual tons were still correct; only display in this location was wrong.
  • Fixed where turns at maximum thrust was twice what it should be.

The following changes were made in V1.05 R1:

  • Eliminated the custom weapon number limitation when Absorbing weapons from an existing design into the custom weapons database from the Weapon Selection screens.

The following changes were made in V1.05 R0:

  • The maximum number of custom weapons in the custom weapons databases has been almost tripled, to approximately 100 each for Inner Sphere and Clan.

The following changes were made in V1.04 R3:

  • Added a feature where you can batch print record sheets from the Roster screen with blank areas where skills are normally printed, to be filled in prior to play.
  • Added Check for Updates on Help menu, to make updating the program easier and quicker.

The following changes were made in V1.04 R2:

  • Now Streak LRMs are considered in calculating the BattleForce2 "if" (indirect fire) indicator.
  • Changed AMS ammo shots per ton back to their original values, otherwise designs using them would be overweight due to changed values. To use the optional ammo usage rule in AT2r, just mark off a half ton of ammo for each time the AMS is fired, not 1 shot and do not roll as per normal CBT rules.

The following changes were made in V1.04 R1:

  • Now allow the comma to be entered as the decimal separator on International systems, for vessel armor, cargo and custom weapon mass.
  • Fixed some mixed tech and other attack values.
  • Revised AMS ammo usage to indicate 2 shots per ton, per AT2r rules. (This turned out to be a mistake, and was fixed in V1.04 R2, above.)

The following changes were made in V1.04 R0:

  • Added "Absorb" button to Capital Weapon Screen, so that custom weapons can be brought into the custom weapon database for capital weapons as well as standard.
  • Fixed where adding a Heavy Gauss Rifle could make DropShips and AeroSpace Fighters illegal.
  • Added new printer setup code, so that printer settings can be made within the program for Windows XP and 2000 (previous code didn't always work correctly with these versions, but worked fine with Windows95/98/Me).

The following changes were made in V1.03 R6:

  • Fixed a stupid oversight concerning Heavy Gauss Rifles, where once one was mounted, the flag didn't clear when it was removed. Sorry. :-(

The following changes were made in V1.03 R5:

  • Now Heavy Gauss Rifles require Fusion engines, and cannot be used with Turbine engines on Conventional Fighters.

The following changes were made in V1.03 R4:

  • Fixed where on Weapon Screen for Spheroid Small Craft, side locations were not noted as Wing arcs, as they should be in the rules. Other locations in the program had them correct.
  • Fixed where saving a Level 3 Conventional Fighter over 50 tons could changes to Level 2 rules.
  • Now 0.5 is always rounded up when correcting Battle Value for skills.

The following changes were made in V1.03 R3:

  • Added provision for HMAero and HMBA files in BattleForce2 module.

The following changes were made in V1.03 R2:

  • Fixed where number of doors could overlap other text on TRO printouts.

The following changes were made in V1.03 R1:

  • Fixed occasional problem with mouseover of file listing.

The following changes were made in V1.03 R0:

  • Fixed where Conventional fighters didn't get 10 cockpit armor in AeroTech rules.
  • Updated copyright information.

The following changes were made in V1.02 R2:

  • Added automatic dimension calculating when changing vessel weights. The dimensions are based on existing designs, and work pretty neat, I think. Of course, you can change them as you like, overriding the calculations.
  • Now the "+Artemis" is not shown on Available Weapons listing on Large Craft. As Artemis is an option added to those weapons, it was confusing to have it in the listing as well.
  • Fixed where the cost of external stores wasn't included in many places in the program.

The following changes were made in V1.02 R1:

  • Fixed where Thrust was not shown for WarShips or Monitors on the Open screen, when that option was chosen.
  • Fixed an error in Battle Value calculation screen where too many heat sinks were sometimes shown.

The following changes were made in V1.02 R0:

  • Fixed where selecting Help > Search for, could crash some computers.
  • Fixed where Artemis V Battle Value was displayed wrong on BV calculation screen.
  • Fixed where nose armor text overwrote cockpit armor on printed TRO.
  • Fixed where long lines in fluff text without spaces could hang Text TRO.
  • Updated Capital weapon ranges per latest (AT2.5) official information.
  • Fixed some incorrect BattleForce2 Battle Value skill modifiers.

The following changes were made in V1.01 R0:

  • Added 3132 era, and now allow year entry to 3200.
  • Fixed where Small Craft burn days was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed some improper labeling on Custom Engine screen.
  • Fixed where Artemis SRM damage was wrong.
  • Fixed when BattleForce2 "if" tag could be displayed with zero LR damage.
  • Fixed where record sheet damage of some custom weapons wasn't displayed correctly.
  • Corrected and updated help file with new equipment.
  • Now prevent Level 1 and 2 DropShips from having Grav Decks.
  • On Weapon Select Screen, pressing Show All now sets both Capital and Standard weapons.
  • Fixed where custom Artillery weapons changed to AMS after saving.
  • Fixed a couple display problems on BattleForce2 screen with aero vessels.
  • Fixed a number of errors in the HTML output.
  • Fixed incorrect thousands separator on Finnish systems (yeah, people in Finland buy HM products! ;-).

The following changes were made in V1.00 R3:

  • Corrected an error in the VSTOL calculations that was added into V1.00 R2.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R2:

  • Added All Fighters and All DropShips to Open vessel type filter.
  • Now Small Craft filter on Open screen shows only Small Craft (100-200 tons), and not fighters.
  • Fixed where large craft weapon listing got messed up when exiting Weapon Selection screen with the X rather than the Close button.
  • Made some small corrections in the help file.
  • Now round VSTOL tons up to nearest .5 tons, when fractional accounting is not used.
  • Minimum Thrust on Select Vessels screen couldn't be set to zero, which could eliminate space stations and JumpShips from the selection.
  • Now don't add in fire control cost of 100,000 C-bills unless the vessel has some weapons.
  • Fixed where HPG and LF Batteries weren't recognized as Level 2 on some occasions, so could disappear and set rules to Level 1 on save, if vessel had no other Level 2 equipment.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R1:

  • Added Monitor to Open Screen advanced vessel type filter listing.
  • Now Rules Set just says BattleSpace or AeroTech, and not AeroTech/BattleSpace, when designing non-AeroTech2 craft.
  • Fixed where errors could occur when Optimizing a design with negative tons left.
  • Added better error handling in the Optimize routine and screen.
  • Fixed where Text TRO showed some AR10 bays left from playtesting improperly.
  • Fixed where for Monitors, the number of docking collars required sometimes rounded improperly.
  • Changed BattleForce2 fighter classes to conform to standard classes.
  • Fixed where fighter BattleForce2 factors were wrong when unit was added from the main or select screens (they were okay from Open or Roster screens).
  • Fixed where total number of weapons in Armament area of HTML TRO did not consider weapons from both sides of certain designs.
  • Fixed where Optimize routine didn't work right if craft had a Towing Adapter.
  • Fixed where saved Text TRO chopped the ends of lines short. Displayed and text copied to clipboard, and printed from the program, were fine.
  • Made changes to allow more weapons lines (for all you super-munchkins ;-).
  • Likewise increased the maximum number of heat sinks to handle all those extra weapons.
  • Fixed where deleted custom weapons still appeared in the Available listing.
  • Fixed where custom weapons weren't always identified on screen with asterisks (*).
  • Fixed where message was wrong when trying to add Repair Bays to non Space Stations at Levels 1 or 2.
  • Fixed where some Attack Values in Available listing of Small Craft Weapon Selection Screen were slightly off.
  • Corrected the Invader (PPC Variant) file.

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