Transcript of HeavyMetal Map Chat with the Developer
October 29, 2006

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Rick_Raisley Hello all, and welcome to the first, annual HeavyMetal Program Chat.
Rick_Raisley Good timing with Mordel showing up. He was a great help in setting this chat room up, in fact did it all. And thanks to BattleCorps.
Chris_Raisley Great chat room.
Rick_Raisley I'm too poor to pay a moderator, so we'll have to do things a bit different.
Ghost0402 the banner at the bottom kind of gives it away ;)
Rick_Raisley What I suggest is that when I open it up to questions, people can post.
Mordel_Blacknight Dave owes me a lot of favors. :)
Rick_Raisley And then I'll post a quick message saying that people should not post until I answer the question.
Vyper just say stop
Rick_Raisley That will help keep the confusion of the chat, and especially the transcript, to a minimum.
Rick_Raisley So stop already! ;-)
Vyper groan
Mordel_Blacknight Rick, you could have set yourself up as the moderator you know :) (I'll be quiet now)
Rick_Raisley First, I'd like to thank everyone for coming. HMMap was an especially difficult project, made more so by many personal problems and health problems with my family. And the playtesters were great at bearing with me.
Rick_Raisley But I enjoyed the project immensely. It is /very/ different than any other program I've done, and hope that people are pleased with the results.
Ghost0402 the screenshots have been, very very intriguing
Vyper didn't he say stop?
Rick_Raisley Okay, just for a start, to let me know who has and doesn't have the program (I know the playtesters do), would anyone who does /not/ yet have the program please say so now.
Ghost0402 don't have it
ScAvenger001 I don't
Lobsterback I don't.
its_dan_v i do have it and im here in michigan
Highball have it
Rick_Raisley So, only 3 do not have it?
Ghost0402 i'm a broke college student, i dont have anything other than bills :P
Rick_Raisley That's fine, just trying to get a feel for things.
Rick_Raisley I understand, Ghost. Although if you simply cut that pizza budget by 10%....
Direktor_Andreijew have it, so do 5 of my chapter friends
Ghost0402 Pizza, i wish i could get that lol
Rick_Raisley Okay, that said, I'll open the floor for questions. As I said, as soon as I see a question I think I can answer, I'll post a quick notice to hold up on other question until it (or they) are answered, okay?
Mordel_Blacknight yes sir
Vyper QX
Rick_Raisley And the first question is.....
Ghost0402 will we be seeing an update for the other programs to bring them inline with TW, at least the weapons and new construction bits?
Rick_Raisley Definitely. Chris and I were discussing that today. The first will be HMPro6, which I hope to get out early next year. After that, a logical progression would be HMVee3. After that, I'm not sure, but surely HMAero needs an major update as well. HMBA is probably close now, so maybe just some minor revisions. Next?
JimDigriz I noticed that there isn't a space map. Will that be in a future project?
Vyper shame on you ghost ;) there is a FAQ on answering that
localhost [2009]  touser Okay, I'll answer that. Please hold off questions for a bit.
Rick_Raisley Well, if all you want is a space background, similar to some of the published map, any star background used as a tiled background would work. I should have included one, but there are many. I (and another fellow are doing some work on a possible Space Expansion Kit for HMMap, which would provide very extensive, and gorgeous, planetary assault maps, with all the features required for them. I'm not rushing to get it done, but think it will end up very nice if we're able to do it. Next?
Dart Will there be any updates soon on seems like it was neglected compared to the rest of the HM....
Ghost0402 i spend most of my day reading school or work related stuff, by the time i get to fun stuff, i'm completely fried ::tongue
Vyper I know the feeling
Rick_Raisley We were also discussing HMLite. Except for Total Warfare, there haven't been many changes in the area of ProtoMechs. And I'm not sure that many changes in TW will have a large effect. I like to think the program has been kept up to date as of this time. But we were discussing possibly adding, in addition to the new style record sheets, infantry construction rules to it, and maybe some other things. Does that answer it?
its_dan_v from what i seen with map maker im going to have allot of fun with it. but my buds and i combine our table top with rollplaying will there be a mapmaker that will be scaled for mech warrior so we can build out side and inside of buildng
JimDigriz Will there be a category on these forums or the CBT forums for those who want to post their creations?
Mordel_Blacknight What are the plans (if any) for HeavyMetal MechWarrior?
Dart sure...ill make suggestions as time goes on on the fourm
Rick_Raisley Map printouts can be scaled to any size, although some inside buildings might be hard to do with the existing graphics. Add-ons help with that. I guess it depends a lot on exactly what your looking for.
Rick_Raisley A MechWarrior designer is still in the plan, but it is going to change, again, with the TW series, and I think it best to wait and see what happens there. Plus, sounds like I'll be busy in the meantime.
Vyper You can create your own graphics and use it for inside stuff
Dart But dont we already have a MechWarrior Designer...Its called HMPro?
Rick_Raisley I may add a Map upload page, but I think I prefer all the maps and graphics and stuff to go on the page I've already set asside for it. And to prevent any XXX graphics, all maps and graphics will have to be sent to me, and I'll post them. Next?
Vyper Like tables, chairs, stairs, etc
Rick_Raisley I think he meant an RPG designer.
Mordel_Blacknight yes, I did
Dart ok cool
Rick_Raisley Ah, well you could certainly add graphics to do that. I'm sure there are much better artists out there than I, and would be very surprised if some didn't come up with ideas and graphics that I never would have thought of. I think the HMMap graphics web page will be great to share those with others. Next.
its_dan_v cool my buds and i allready use the maps for D&D allso
Vyper you've sen that you can print without the hexes?
Vyper seen not sen
Vyper Helps with DnD maps
Dart in HMMap, could there be a "ZOOM" Button or something on the right pannel, like on the bottom or something so we dont always need to go up into the sub menues and open a whole new window pane?
Rick_Raisley As Vyper says, while everything is designed with hexes, the hexes outlines can be eliminated for printing.
Dart Its in the Map Settings window...I did it this morning
Rick_Raisley Well, the function keys work real well for that, F4 for full map, F5 to F8 for the others. Not what you're looking for?
Dart eh...then i just need a way to remind my self...I dont use keys a like buttons
Rick_Raisley I could add buttons to do that. But there are already /so/ many buttons on the program. Just would need to find a logical place for them.
Vyper And don't forget: When in daubt press F12
Direktor_Andreijew No more buttons! *g*
Dart hehe
Rick_Raisley Hehe... and then Ctrl-Z to undo!
Dart calm down guys hehe
Dart about on the left pannel on the bottom?
Rick_Raisley BTW, anyone with the program, please make sure you download the update. It allows dragging the preview images around, and corrects a terrain/elevation problem.
Rick_Raisley The left bottom is always filled, when you have Details on. Or did you mean in the info bar area?
Dart ya
Dart or give the details a lil push over and put it in the details space
Direktor_Andreijew Is there any chance of translation in other languages?
Rick_Raisley Well, that would be a possibility. It's not the first place you'd look for them, though.
Dart it works!
Dart we could make then REALLY BIG so they do notice them?
Rick_Raisley Well Details, are like all the other buttons, and take up a lot of space. And anything at the top means you see less of the terrain/detail buttons.
Fanam In HMMap why was it decided to only allow paths to go through hex faces?
Rick_Raisley I really would have liked a toolbar on this program with such buttons, but really hated to lose the vertical real estate and reduce the map size.
Rick_Raisley Well, again, this is a hex-based program. Roads on all CBT/BT maps either go through a hex, or they don't. You can make a map go anywhere you want, but I felt it best that they squarely go through each hex. Probably doesn't answer your question.
JimDigriz Is it possible to give rivers a little more "waviness" to them?
Rick_Raisley You can make
Rick_Raisley You can make them really wavy by just going back and forth, zig-zagging. They look quite good that way. If you are making them straight for quite a few hexes, they don't look as natural. I looked at making the graphics more "winding", but as it repeats in each hex, it didn't seem as natural to me. But don't forget, you and others can make your own river graphics, any way you like.
Rick_Raisley Next.
Lobsterback Can I save a map from HMMap as a ".jpeg" (or any graphic file) take the saved file to a print shop and have a full "FanPro" size map printed?
Chris_Raisley Just remember, if a graphic is not exactly what you wanted, one can always be made or adjusted with very little trouble.
Rick_Raisley Absolutelyl! In fact, we have a printer in our midst. He has been able to make /excellent/ maps from the JPG files, and may even be able to make them from HMMap files. We're trying to get some pricing worked up, but I guarantee it will be less than other printshops charge. He's a BTecher, after all. But yes, you can take the JPG to your local print shop and have them print them up. The correct DPI is even encoded in the JPG for standard size maps. Next.
its_dan_v have you every thought of haveing a table or better yet running a battel tech game at gencon.
Rick_Raisley I'd love to, but I'd probably blow my year's profit in going. I've been to only one Con, Origins in 2000, when HMPro was introduced. I stayed with Cord Awtry and Rob Feehan, and at the time, FASA was selling lots of the programs. That doesn't exist anymore, so it's a bit tougher. Still, I would like to do it, if it would be possible. Next.
Fanam what I was hoping for was the ability to make square buildings (and walls) not paralellograms or circles (kinda), making bases look right is difficult with the current restrictions
its_dan_v gtg been great haing out with you guys love your programs
Chris_Raisley Thanks for coming!
Rick_Raisley Yes, square buildings are not HMMap's forte. But you can easily make add-on graphics to do that. Take a look at some of the add-ons that are included, they are fairly large rectangular areas, and work well for that purpose. And the program can resize them to any size. Next.
Rick_Raisley Thanks for stopping by, Dan.
Mordel_Blacknight Not one who goes to printers much, when I go to the printer with my JPG, can I hand them a CD and ask them to print this on a paper the same size as standard map sheets (give them the dimensions; what are they anyways)? Do they have different paper weights so I can print on heavier paper (more durable)?
Rick_Raisley Highball, would you like to answer that?
Mordel_Blacknight he fell asleep :)
Vyper Yep
Rick_Raisley No, he's awake, just PMd me.
Highball Mordel, Any print shop should be able to take the file you have and resize it to the size you need. It comes down to making a good choice of paper and laminate if you want to keep it longterm.
Rick_Raisley Standard maps are 18" wide by 22" high. A 4-map combo would be 36" x 44".
Mordel_Blacknight ideally I want one sheet that is a nice weight that I can fold. If it's a good weight, I may not even need to laminate it, I wouldn't think
Highball I think you should make sure to pick the right materials for the map so your investment will last
Rick_Raisley Rolling is much better than folding.
Mordel_Blacknight is it really?
Dart going back to future products, When will the next HM software signup sheet (if its space or not) be open for playtesting?
JimDigriz Rolling is harder to store.
Rick_Raisley Kist a sec. Dart.
Dart k
Chris_Raisley I agree, may I add to this part?
Rick_Raisley The maps he makes are vinyl, heavy weight sign material, and are fantastic. Can be marked up if desired. Go ahead Chris.
Vyper If rolling don't leminate.
Direktor_Andreijew Gotta run. Thanks for the chat.
Vyper If rolling laminated roll so the printed stuff is outside.
Rick_Raisley These aren't laminated. The are actually printed, permanently, on vinyl.
Vyper by DA
Vyper Nice
Dart wow!
Vyper byye not by
Vyper groan nad spelling
Chris_Raisley I agree with Highball. A good vinyl map is perftect, and better than laminate. This would allow for a mape to ba made once, and you can put your terrain on top of it.
Chris_Raisley You may cut it out and make 3D terrain, like I will put in the tutorial, or you could just make a cut out of your terrain.
Rick_Raisley Chris has made some excellent 3D terrain, and when placed on the large vinyl map, works fantastic. He will have a future PDF article with how-to.
Chris_Raisley Either way, this will be printed by HMMap.
Highball I printed on vinyl banner material that was printed on a solvent printer. Its waterproof and can be written on with grease pencils. Using paper is nice, but all it takes is one spilled drink and it is ruined. Try and find a ship that can print on at least 10oz banner material and your money will be well spent
Highball ship - shop
Rick_Raisley I'll answer Dart's question now, although we can go back to printed maps if you like.
Mordel_Blacknight unfortunately we don't have many good print shops around here that I knw of (doesn't mean they don't exist though)
Chris_Raisley The terrain that is made using the materials is very easy to make, and is very good looking as well.
Mordel_Blacknight so I'll probably take you up on map printing if you offer it :)
Highball Mordel, I am talking with Rick about this now and we hope to have something set up soon where that can happen
Rick_Raisley I'm not sure about the playtest signup yet. I already have a group of good playtesters who have served well in the past. And I intend to solicit some of those who have been playtesting Total War and the Tech Manual, as they are most familiar with all the new changes. Next.
Vyper and I'll probably sell my sister so I could pay for postage to Croatia
Rick_Raisley Trust me, getting them from Highball and paying shipping will cost less than going locally. I've priced them.
JimDigriz When you're ready to do the printing, how will you get the announcement out?
Vyper We'll see :)
Mordel_Blacknight hopefully Highball is pricing it enough so he's at least making something off of this
Rick_Raisley As usual, I will send out an HMP newsletter to all those signed up. I'll try to also post on the forums. It will also be on my web site, probably on several pages. We want to do it right, and I know Highball is the one to do it.
Rick_Raisley Next.
Mordel_Blacknight I got nothing :)
Vyper How long is it going to take humanity to stop killing each other? :)
Dart kjggggggggefffggffffr44555555521 l;l
Dart Ack!
Rick_Raisley I didn't know that was even a goal. ;-)
Vyper Hehehe
JimDigriz That would ruin the game!
Vyper As Agent Smith would put it: Keeping the pest under control!
Dart (my cat wants to be part of this to...she becomes a utter announces to my games sometimes) Like shes lies to play BT Vs. Cat
Vyper pset pests
Rick_Raisley I guess even if there's world peace, we can console ourselves with killing 'Mechs. ;-)
Rick_Raisley I have something from Highball concerning maps, if you wait a sec.
Vyper sec's passed ;)
Rick_Raisley In the heavy weight vinyl that he mentions, easily rolled (but best not folded), for a single map made from a furnished JPG, or even from an HMMap data file using /standard/ palette graphics, he's looking at $19 delivered. For a 4-map combo, made in the same way, about $49. That may sound high, but I can tell you it's dead low.
Mordel_Blacknight that sounds like a great deal.
Vyper hmm. what do you mean 19$ delivered?
Mordel_Blacknight What if you use non-standard graphics?
Chris_Raisley I would certainly pay that.
Mordel_Blacknight does it depend on the graphics and ink usage?
Vyper delivered?
Rick_Raisley The best pricing I've seen locally is from Staples, who wants $78 for a printed, mounted on foamboard (which deteriorates) and glossy laminate (which cannot be written on with grease pencil), for a 24" x 3^", or two maps.
Rick_Raisley Today's special was 40% off of that, or $46.50. That's about the price of HIghball's 4-map combo, in a /much/ more durable and storable configuration.
JimDigriz You'll get about the same from Kinkos.
Rick_Raisley Yep, delievered to the states.
Vyper that sounds ok money wise. aha. and abroad? approx?
Rick_Raisley Actually, Chris got a price from Kinkos for about $150, but I forget what size that was. Chris?
Chris_Raisley It was about 48"x36" for nearly $160
JimDigriz It's about $20 per square foot.
Chris_Raisley Correct.
Rick_Raisley They round up to the next foot in length, apparently. Highball's 44" x 36" would be $49 delivered. And there won't be any confusion about what it's supposed to look like.
Chris_Raisley We know it looks good.
Chris_Raisley And remember, you could order multiple ones from him. Some with grass, concrete, or just sand for desert maps.
Dart Oh I thought of something.....Would there be anymore possability of adding on any more turrent or emplacemnt graphics in HMMap?
Mordel_Blacknight I'll buy one to see for myself (and then more afterwards, I'm sure)
Rick_Raisley Anyhow, we used to make up 3D maps from the standard sheets. And 4 map sheets meant a couple garbage bags full of maps. With this, one small box plus the rolled maps.
Dart or could some be made up by someone whos not as bad a me at graphics?
Chris_Raisley Dart- Remember, anybody can make these with a photoshop program of any sort.
Chris_Raisley You can make anyting, really.
Rick_Raisley Those are ones I came up with for the program. But again, I'd be shocked if people don't come up with more. Or research and find your own, and add them. The program includes a section in the User's Guide on how to make and use graphics in the program.
Dart ya.....but iv never been that good with it
Rick_Raisley A lot of us aren't. But others are.
Chris_Raisley Trust me, many are good at making that, and will, I'm quite sure.
Rick_Raisley I thought some of mine were good, until I saw others.
Dart yep...ill just keep a hopefull eye on the image upload page
Dart eh...i like em!
Rick_Raisley Any questions on the program's operation? Or suggestions?
Chris_Raisley These will be available in a downloads page. All files will be sent to Dad directly to avoid any innapropriate content finding it's way on the page.
Vyper Chris approx when are you going to finish the How-to for 3D maps?
Chris_Raisley Good question.
Rick_Raisley And the answer is...
Mordel_Blacknight can you make it so it diverts 0.00001% of all bank transactions into my account?
Vyper Suggestion: All F keys should produce F12 effect!!!!!! ;)
Chris_Raisley The pictures have already been taken. I have taken over 70 pictures for the tutorial, but will be using alot less.
Rick_Raisley Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was supposed to be /my/ account!
JimDigriz Thanks for the answers. Love the program. Bye.
Vyper Naaa you gotta share...
Rick_Raisley (Vyper loves the F12 key. I think he's gotten lazy.)
Chris_Raisley The tutorial will be done I expect in a week, since business at work is picking up. I will post on the forums when my how-to tutorial is finished.
Vyper It is mine! My own! MY PRECIOUS!!!!!
Rick_Raisley And I'll post it on the HMMap graphics page for downloading.
Vyper Ok Chris
Chris_Raisley It is really quite easy.
Mordel_Blacknight well, I've gotta run. need to finish setting up for a Halloween party.
Chris_Raisley It just involves a few simple steps, and you'll be off to making terrain like a pro in no time.
Mordel_Blacknight thanks for another great program Rick!!!
Chris_Raisley Thanks for coming Mordel.
Dart Oh.....On HMMap, when your building you map, there is that box thing bordering around the map, when i clicked preview, i noticed that that shows what will be in the preview.....could there be a option to show JUST wants in the preview and cut off that extra space...we may even might be able to obtain more room?
Rick_Raisley Take care, Mordel.
Vyper I think there were some picts on HM site regarding your 3D terrains.
Dart tx for the cat!
Dart chat* hehe
Vyper buy mordel
Vyper bye mordel
Chris_Raisley Yes Vyper, there were. What did you think of them?
Vyper I liked them. I do terrains for WH40K but your's stayed true to BTech feel
Chris_Raisley I play 40k as well.
Rick_Raisley That's an idea, Dart. I'll write that down and see what I can do. Just so I understand you, you're talking about the (starting program to get the wording right) Single upper-left full size sheet printout?
Chris_Raisley But the idea was to stay true to BT, while giving it a 3d feel, and completely modular as well.
Vyper Well, let me rephrase that. I did terrains for... I have a one year old...
Vyper Yeah I got that. And I like it.
Dart ya...i think hehe
Dart I havent done much more then that
Dart printing wise yet...i need somone who can do VINAL prints
Rick_Raisley Was thinking more about it. The Single sheet upper left printout is a Printing option, you don't select it until the Print screen. Maybe a print preview of it there..
Rick_Raisley The maps Highball makes /are/ vinyl maps. Very strong and durable.
Vyper Most of my gaming has to be once a week now.
Dart yep!
Chris_Raisley You know, one thing I love about the 3D terrain, the hills especially is since the terrain is in hexes, they are almost the shape of puzzle pieces. And because of that, you can take two sets of hills, and put them together to make one big hill. You can even take smaller hills to put on top of larger hills to make taller hills.
Vyper Not that I complain, but no more 5 to 7 games a week
Rick_Raisley Poor thing. Some of us get to play /far/ less often.
Dart lucky if i can find someone to play 1 every other week =>.<=
Rick_Raisley Other questions? Comments? Complaints?
Chris_Raisley I run a MechWarrior RPG campaign, and these maps are ideal!
Vyper It's good that my office is just next door from my flat. So when we play I have everything all the time...
............................ ScAvenger001 left.............
Highball HM SpaceMap ....... What is the status of that rolling again, even if slowly?
............................ calabris joined.............
Rick_Raisley Oh, and if you really can use them, Highball can print far larger than 36" x 44". We have a couple we could floor a small room with!
Vyper I tryed to run it but didn't have the time
calabris BTW love HMMAP!
Vyper hi calabris
Rick_Raisley My intent was to go right from HexMap to SpaceMap. But this Total Warfare thing has changed everything, I'm afraid. Obviously it's still something I really want to do. And intend to continue to spend some time on. But with TW and the Tech Manual coming out soon, gotta give priority to those changes, I'm afraid.
Highball I can print up to 48" wide and 600" at any one time. I can make larger maps, but they have to be seamed together and that raises the cost quite a bit.
Chris_Raisley Greetings Calbris, and thank you!
calabris hello
Vyper you're late
Rick_Raisley Aw, gee, nothing larger than 50' long??
Dart oh...idea! ummm....The program can create 4 there a option to load all 4 maps and get a preview of what your entire board will look like?
Vyper ;)
calabris YEa, was playing 2142 and lost track of time::ohmy
Rick_Raisley You have a small map preview when you make the Multi-Map. You take up to four maps, and place them in position, flipping or mirroring each as desired, then make a JPG of the whole thing. No close preview, but you get a good idea what it will look like.
Dart eh...that works
Vyper I was playing Dawn of War Dark Crusade but my wife reminded me on time.
calabris IS their a way to load the boarder of another map so you can contine terrian features from one map to the next one?
Rick_Raisley I'm particularly proud of the multi-map. Being able to load four maps, and flip and mirror, while keeping all the text and number correct, is pretty neat, I think.
calabris DoW DC is great also
Rick_Raisley I thought about that, calibris, and it would be possible. What I've done for now, though, is added the ability to mirror and/or flip the current map, then clear the center area if you like, or just draw over it. By mirroring and flipping, you have common hexes that will match the adjacent hex. So it's easy to make one map that mates up properly with a previously designed one. Next.
calabris ok
Dart This might be a big project but i just got a idea...kinda.....
Rick_Raisley oh-oh...
calabris The ablility to scale up hexes is great. I have been using the figgues from mechwarrior dark age and the such for minis in my CBT games
Rick_Raisley Welcome, Bedwyr
Dart When you put together a there a way to get a % breakdown somehow on the program? Like you used 20% Empty space, 2% walls, 5% bushes and such? so you can get a idea of what you map is made out of?
calabris I belive it does somthing like that now when you create a ramdom map
Dart ya...but i mean not random
Bedwyr Hey
Rick_Raisley That's an interesting idea. It would be fairly simple, just need to have a place to display it.
Dart thats where i got the idea
Rick_Raisley You have the map data sheet, of course, which lists hexes, but not percent.
Rick_Raisley I guess if there were a screen to view it, you could then make your random settings "absorb" it, and use the same settings in the future.
calabris When I print out my mapsheets, I tell my printer to print borderless. BUt I still end up with some whitespace at the top and bottom. Any idea how to get the sheets to take up the entire page? Trimmiing 30 pages can take some time.
Rick_Raisley It would only be able to absorb the standard settings, of course.
Dart just to have a excuse to have "Absorb" in all your programs rick!
calabris The HM programs are GREAT! I got the new BT book and bough just about everything Rick makes! I love em
Rick_Raisley I can't say, calibris. Basically, the program interrogates your printer, and receives the size, in inches, of the printable area. I then specify that size (or smaller) in the printout. Continuing...
Rick_Raisley But don't forget, unless the printout is an exact multiple of your available print size, it will always have borders. You might try specifying the number of X and Y sheets, to make it fill the sheet as much as possible. 2x2 for a standard map works pretty well, usually with hexes just a bit smaller than standard. Next.
Dart Are any of the graphics do they have $$ asigned to them so you can see how much your map would cost? (just trying to breainstorm)
Rick_Raisley No, they don't. I'd like some day to make a building construction set or something, and it would have costs. So, you want to become a landscaper and sell trees, too? ;-)
Dart yep!
Dart we could have HMMap compitions about $!
Rick_Raisley I guess. But when you're paying for ink, I like to put as much "junk" on a map as I can. Buildings cost no more to print that trees, after all.
Rick_Raisley That's another way Chris's idea of printing scenery while re-using the same large map works especially well. The grass background is only paid for once. ;-)
calabris What kind of printer do you use to print out your maps. Any brand of printer you like or format?
Chris_Raisley Exactly
Rick_Raisley Any printer will work. I have a color laser at home which prints out incredible maps, but it's still a lot of taping. We have a large format printer at work, but only grayscale. Any printer will work. If you have an 11x17 or large format, you'll be the envy of others using the program.
Lobsterback Got to go guys...Thanks Rick [and Mordel] for a great Chat::smile
Rick_Raisley Take care. Thanks for coming.
Rick_Raisley calabris, I don't remember when you came in. Were you here for the discussion of Highball's printed vinyl maps?
Dart Ummm...every map has a compass?...Lat and Lon lines? need to get those atrilery cord. from somewhere?
calabris what brand color laser do you use? I am using an injet right now and the ink costs are just a bit high right now :-)
calabris no, I just cought the tail end of that
Bedwyr yeah, repeat. :)
Rick_Raisley A compass would make a /great/ Add-on graphic. Continuing...
Dart (And yes Rick...i have come to bug you about putting ART on the disk again!) ::biggrin
Rick_Raisley I use an HP 2550. It's not that cheap either, but results are great.
calabris I had a weird idea to use microsurfaced plastic to make the base hex map and then add on to that.
Rick_Raisley Maps. Okay, Highball manages a professional printshop, and he is willing to throw profit to the winds and print custom maps, from JPGs or HMMap data files, for the /extremely/ low price of $19 for a single map, $49 for a 2x2 4 map combo. Believe me that is 1/3 to 1/2 of what most shops charge. And this is delivered to any of the 48 states or Canada.
calabris pant, pant pant
UTSU has been a great chat, but I have to leave... from Spain, good night all!
Bedwyr :O
UTSU bye
calabris what is the web address
Highball ahhhh Spain. gottal love Rota
Dart What about a Tactical View map?
Rick_Raisley If you check out the manual, there's a screen shot of one of his maps with some 3D terrain my son made. It works fantastic. You buy the background once (okay, maybe a couple different backgrounds), then add your homemade or HMMap printed 3D terrain.
Chris_Raisley A tactical View Map?
Rick_Raisley What type of tactical?
Rick_Raisley We are working on the possible of addition of special Planetary Assault maps, as well as advanced space maps, if that's what you're thinking of.
calabris highball, do you have a web address or something so we can send you files?
Dart like when your done with your map, you can load it into some other part of the program and it can have arrows and lines and dots and starts and tons of stuff for you to stick on it and you can print out a small version of the map so you can discuss a stragity or something
Rick_Raisley I'll be adding a page to my web site for his maps, but he's welcome to do anything he wants in the meantime.
Dart or just save it and use it for later reference?
Highball points to ricks line
Dart haha
Vyper Rick, Chris, and the rest it's been fun. Good night (It's 23:31 here)!
Chris_Raisley Take care
calabris night
Rick_Raisley Aw, wimp! Take care.
Highball BUT if you have the program and want to send maps NOW all you have to do is send methe order ofthe maps and I will just convert the maps to the hires .jpg images and print them
Vyper You're lucky you're across the ocean mister :)
calabris lol
Dart we could call it HM Lines and Dots? A addon to HMMap!
Rick_Raisley hehe.. Yeah, I could charge by the dot. ;-)
Dart hey im serious ::cool ...but whatever
Rick_Raisley Dart, I'd have to see more about what you're looking for. But again, I think that Add-ons, with the ability to flip, mirror and resize, might work very well for pointers, lines, etc.
Dart *shrugs*
Rick_Raisley Basically, anything you can't do somewhere else, you can pretty much do with an Add-On. Even to having the entire map predrawn in a paint program, and use it as the background.
Dart eh...trying to brainstorm more
calabris Any one else here using the mechwarrior plastic figs for their battletech games?
Chris_Raisley I do, but not the 'mechs
Rick_Raisley Also, I think most of what you're asking for would work well by taking the JPG to a paint program. I'm not trying to down your idea, just trying to figure the best way to do it.
Dart ya....thats what i was thinking
Chris_Raisley I use the infantry and battle armor, they work out very well.
calabris why not the mechs?
Chris_Raisley Too big.
Rick_Raisley Other questions? Comments? Complaints?
Chris_Raisley I already have 4-500 miniatures.
calabris Not with HMMAP! just use 2" hexes!
Dart well the only nice thing i thought about was the % thing if theres a way
Chris_Raisley I meant, I don't have enough MWDA mechs to make it worthwhile.
calabris ahh, I just started after a 15 year lull. So have 0 fiigs
Rick_Raisley I'll open this up to any general discussion when I think we're through, and everyone can stick around, of course.
Rick_Raisley I've made a note of the % thing, Dart.
calabris I am still gettting used to hmmap but I like any program that I can install, and be using in less than 10 min without reading instructins. Overall the program is very intutitive
Dart hmmm.....if a firend gave us a map file and they used graphics that say i dont have...what happons?
calabris I have a quick question about HM Pro
Chris_Raisley Yes, most things about the program are self-explanitory.
Dart Rick made it....could it be hard? hehe
calabris IS their a way to open several mech files at once?
Rick_Raisley The problem is especially if they use a palette you don't have. Add-on graphics you don't have will be deleted from the file. If you don't have the same palette they are using, it just can't be displayed properly.
Rick_Raisley You can't actually open more than one file at once. But from the multi-map image screen, you can view four maps at once, place them as desired, mirror and flip, and if you want to, make a JPG of it.
Dart could their palette be included with the map file?
Rick_Raisley Not /with/ the file. The complete Advanced palette contains about 15MB or more of graphics. You wouldn't want that with every file. But you can also zip up and send people the palette you used.
Dart what about side by side map comparisons
calabris BRB
Rick_Raisley At the Open screen, there is a map preview as you select each map. So you can see that small preview for each, and compare them. Of course, you can load two maps and keep switching the one loaded. They load pretty fast, if the palettes are the same.
Dart what about a autosave feature?
Chris_Raisley I've got to go for now. If anybody has any questions about the terrain, just post on the forums. You may also e-mail me at
Dart ok
Dart cool. txrick
Rick_Raisley There is no autosave, but there is a 10 level Undo and Redo. Are you thinking of in case of a power failure?
Dart happons
Dart mountains are evil....
Dart and MS Word has a feature like that
Rick_Raisley Well, it could be done. But my experience with autosave is that it always saves when I'm in the middle of something, and slows things down.
Dart ya...that too
Dart could there be a total or something somwhere of how many graphics youv used total?
Rick_Raisley Actually.... it /is/ auto-saving, with the Undo feature. If I could just make a way to recover the last version saved, it would provide an automatic autosave....
Rick_Raisley You mean a listing of them?
Dart ya..that would be too....i know you can do search...i was thinking to do a search on the entire map...guess it kinda goes with that % idea i think....
Rick_Raisley Well, the percent gives one thing. If you print out a Map Information Sheet, it lists all the graphics used that have special rules or properties attached to them.
Dart ok....that works
goose still at it?
Dart like i could say "My map has xx graphics! beat that!!! haha
Rick_Raisley It comes in really handy for games. And you can hide things like the building CF on the map if you like, but only let the gamemaster have it on the map info sheet.
Rick_Raisley Oh, hehe.. Just say your map takes xx minutes to load. Beat that!
Dart YEP! ::tongue
Rick_Raisley Yep, we are Goose. Watch stop?
Dart its all about brainstorming!
goose [david lee roth]I think the clock is slow . . .[/david lee roth]
Rick_Raisley Yep. We had a lot of that during playtest, but we have a whole 'nother audience now!
Dart hehe...
Dart i should of worked harder to keep up with the good with ideas
Dart lets see here....what about........hmmmmmmm...stumped
goose funny how that sounds
Rick_Raisley Yeah, except for calabris, we're pretty much playtesters here now. Any other questions? If not, I'll end the transcript and open it up for general discussions.
goose right: it's dark and my mom's calling, so . . . ;-)
Dart dang i keep thinking of something but i keep looseing it
goose It's like . . . you know . . .
Dart o there a way to completely clear all the hexes of text when you do a print?
Dart i tryed it this can only remove the numbers
Rick_Raisley Yes there is. You have complete control over that. Hex lines, or not. Hex numbers, or not. Depths or not. Building CF, or not. It's all set on the Map Properties screen.
Dart ok...i knew i should of looked around a lil more
Kentares Hi
Dart what about selections?
Kentares Got in the end, right?
Rick_Raisley I think some items, like Trees, are printed regardless. But you have control over anything with CF, like buildings, as well as levels, water, hex numbers.
Kentares still going... cool
Rick_Raisley Yeah, we were just about to end it, officially, but do you have any question or anything?
Dart you could select multiple hexes...and like clear a lot at one time insted of "Painting" or whatever
calabris well I was not a playtester, but if you ever need another one ::biggrin
Kentares errr... no... just wanted to see because I didnt bought HMMap... yet
Kentares I?m a great fan of your programs Rick
Bedwyr gotta go
Kentares Got all except the last two
Rick_Raisley So, you may have questions. As to selecting multiple hexes, by the time you select them, you could have cleared them with the same painting.
Dart true.....
Rick_Raisley I'll be publishing a transcript of the chat, but if you have any specific questions or anything, please go ahead.
Kentares Life isnt going well in the last couple of years... not even have time to play BT
Dart well i think im pretty much done now....out of ideas
Dart for only today ::biggrin
Rick_Raisley Sometimes the only BT we get is what we see on our computers. Just like reading the books. Another way to enjoy the universe.
Kentares no... I read the chat later I post something in the forums if I have... thanks
calabris When will this get to the forums?
Rick_Raisley np, but don't feel shy to ask anything you're interested in.
Kentares I?ll try to get HMMap asap
Rick_Raisley My guess is it will be up tomorrow. I have to get the log from Mordel, and then I'll upload and post a link on the forums.
Kentares cool
calabris great, I want to read about Highballs vinal maps
Dart hes really got something there
Rick_Raisley If there are no other Map questions, I'll end the transcript and let everyone discuss whatever they want.
Dart welp im done...tx a lot rick for this does wonders!
calabris I just had the one question myself
Rick_Raisley Shoot.
calabris I already asked it before about loading the boarders of other maps.
Rick_Raisley Oh, okay. That's it then?
Kentares got one question about HMMap... although it doesnt have to do with BT...
Rick_Raisley Okay. ;-)
Kentares Can I make maps to use them in the my beloved Renegade Legion Centurion game?
Kentares different size...
Kentares :D
Kentares I?m showing my age here...
Dart multi-purpose!
Rick_Raisley Well, I'm afraid that HMMap only makes standard CBT style maps. But you can 1) Use just a portion of them, 2) Make multiple ones and put them together, 3) Bring them into a paint program and do anything you want to them, and 4) Although they are hex-based, you can leave all the hex lines off.
calabris OMG I remember Renegade Legion!
Kentares RL Centurion uses hexes also
Kentares but with different counting
Rick_Raisley We still use some of the minis in our CBT games. ;-)
Kentares ok.. thanks
Rick_Raisley You can leave the hex numbers off, if you like. You can also start them at a different number, but it will number in the normal BT way.
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