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HeavyMetal Map Revision History

The following changes were made in V1.01 R2:

  • Improved the versatility of LOS (Line-Of-Site) markings by allowing the user to select separately the thickness of the black and white dots, as well as the crosshairs. Crosshairs with a white dot behind is also possible.
  • Changed so the LOS dots or crosshairs draw over any text in the hex, making them more visible..

The following changes were made in V1.01 R1:

  • Added ability to add a LOS (Line-Of-Site) markings to the centers of all hexes, to allow more accurate LOS determination. 3 sizes of dots, a black + white dot (for varying backgrounds) and a crosshair marking are available, in addition to not including the LOS markings. See the menu Map Options > Map Properties > Hex Lines to set this option.
  • Increased the allowable number of Add-On graphics from 100 to 500.
  • Fixed where some main screen portions could overlap Previews, under certain conditions.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R5:

  • Corrected a problem with screen sizing and operation on monitor displays with resolutions over 2048 x 1536 in size.
  • German versions of the Readme (Liesmich) and QuickRef (SchnellStart) documents are now available. Included with the full program, they are also available for download on the Program Updates page.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R4:

  • Fixed where hex size entered in cm changed size incorrectly.
  • Fixed where, when using Custom hex sizes, upon entering Print screen the next time, the custom size entry fields were
    disabled, until setting away from custom and back again.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R3:

  • Fixed where logo was not always printed only on lower left map sheet.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R2:

  • Now save the windows state (maximized, etc.) and location, and restore them on startup.
  • Now refresh the screen before loading palettes, keeping things neater.
  • Added a Map Statistics screen which lists all graphics used on the current map, as well as the number and percentage of each. Go to File > Map Statistics to see it.
  • Now when making multi-map images the default is not to have the map title for all map sheets, but you can elect to include them by checking the check box.
  • Now when making multi-map images, the CBT logo and HMMap copyright information only appears once, at the bottom left corner, instead of on all included maps.

The following changes were made in V1.00 R1:

  • Added panning of map previews, by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button. This can be used to more quickly scroll around the previews.
  • Fixed where the Terrain over Elevation Level graphics option was reversed on the Previews and printouts. The design map was shown correctly. Now all are.
  • Program version and serial number were not always centered on the Help About screen.
  • Fine-tuned the location of the Preview screen (a pixel or two of other controls were visible sticking out from under it).
  • Fixed the Setup program to work on Windows XP x64. Please note that this is a function of the Setup program, not the executable, so if you need to install on XP x64 and your version will not let you, please contact us for a replacement.
  • A couple other small things I wrote down, but can't find now.  ;-).

Initial production release V1.00 R0

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