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HeavyMetal Map Program Requirements

Note: The following program requirements apply to only HeavyMetal Map, while the other programs have more modest requirements, which you can read about here.

HeavyMetal Map is quite a bit different than the other HeavyMetal programs, when it comes to system requirements. programs, so has different requirements:

System Requirements:

Operating System (Windows version):

HeavyMetal Map works on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit), Vista, XP Home, XP Pro, Me, 98 and 95. While it should work on Windows NT 4.0, no testing has been done on that operating system; it will not work on Windows NT 3.5 or Windows 3.x. XP Home and XP Pro are by far the best for HeavyMetal Map as well as most other programs. I develop all the programs on Windows 7, 64-bit.

What about Macs?

Sorry, but the HeavyMetal series of programs do not support Apple's Mac series of personal computers, but rather are intended to run on Windows formats only. However, several Mac owners are successfully running HeavyMetal software on their computers using Windows emulation software, so you might consider that route. And before you ask, no, we will not be doing a Mac version of the HeavyMetal programs in the future; we just don't have the experience and expertise to consider such a venture. For more information, as well as a Mac alternative, please check out FAQ #17.

What about Linux, Unix, Whatever-ix?

Sorry, but the HeavyMetal series of programs do not support Linux or any system other than Windows. We just don't have the experience and expertise to consider rewriting the HeavyMetal series of programs to run on other operating systems.

Processor (CPU):

A Pentium Class processor or equivalent (AMDs work fine) is required. As with most programs, the faster the better, although speed is not very critical with the HeavyMetal programs except in sorting, searching or filtering thousands of files.

Memory (RAM):

Memory requirements for HeavyMetal Map can vary quite a bit, depending on how you use it. You can run the program with under 50 MB of memory available (over and above what Windows and other programs are using), but the use of the more advanced palettes requires closer to 100 MB. The only other extensive use of memory is in making image files in JPG format. It takes approximately 50 MB additional for a low-resolution map, or 100 MB for a high-resolution map. If you want to make four-map multi-images, that adds up to an additional 200 to 400 MB, in addition to the 100 MB for the program itself. Sorry, but highly detailed graphics uses up a lot of memory, and it's important you realize this at the start. You can operate the program with less, but Windows will swap the required memory out to virtual memory, which is hard disk memory, and that can slow the computer quite a bit, as virtual memory can be 50 times slower than RAM.

Memory is fairly cheap these days, and it's hard to have too much. So you might consider getting more if you have less that 1 GB total, as this and other programs can easily use a good size chunk of a GB of RAM.

Hard Drive Space:

HeavyMetal Map requires about 75 MB of drive space for a full installation. You will want extra space, however, to make your own palettes, and a full palette can take 25 MB of space, so having extra space is always a good idea.

Video Requirements:

You need 16-bit color (64,000+ colors) minimum for HeavyMetal Map. As to resolution, HeavyMetal Map can run requires at least 800 x 600. In addition, a step up in resolution (1024 x 768 or more) will allow you more space for designing your maps, and the ability to view them at higher resolutions. These resolutions assume Small Fonts, the standard Windows setting; increase the required resolution by one step if you use Large Fonts.

Other Hardware:

Naturally, you will want to have a printer to print out map sheets, and if you have a large format printer, HMMap will make use of it, printing standard size maps in fewer sheets, or even one sheet. Most any Windows-compatible printer will work. A CD drive capable of reading CDRs is required to install the program, and a mouse is required for access to all the features.

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