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HeavyMetal Plus Features

Three Programs, Plus! 

Save 13% over the price of the separate programs!

HeavyMetal Plus includes three of the original HeavyMetal series of BattleTech programs, plus bonuses:

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HeavyMetal Pro, the Official BattleMech Design Program. HeavyMetal Pro is considered the new standard in 'Mech design, providing more than any other. You can learn more about HeavyMetal Pro by going here.
HeavyMetal Vee, the Official Vehicle Design Program. HeavyMetal Vee helps you design all types of vehicles, including wheeled and tracked, hovercraft, VTOL, hydrofoil, submarine, surface ship, even tractors and trailers. You can learn more about HeavyMetal Vee by going here.
HeavyMetal Lite, the Official ProtoMech Design Program. HeavyMetal Lite also assists in selecting, modifying and printing record sheets for Battle Armor and Infantry. You can learn more about HeavyMetal Lite by going here.
RUS (Random Unit Selector), a bonus program, is included for your enjoyment. RUS makes it easy and fun to make any number of random rolls or selections, including rolling dice, to-hit rolls, hit locations, 'Mech selection, and more. Plus, you can easily make your own data files to use with RUS to make any random selection you would like. Even print out your results. You can learn more about RUS by going here.

Total Warfare Rules and Equipment Now Included Using Custom Weapons Files

With the rules and equipment used in BattleTech changing, please be sure to check out the Total Warfare A & Q page for information on how this new series of publications affects the HeavyMetal programs, and when/if the new weapons will be included.

Update: In the meantime, custom weapons data files have been created that add almost all of the new equipment from not only Total Warfare & the TechManual, but also the advanced equipment from Tactical Operations. You can download a single setup program that places all of the custom files in place for all of your programs from the Data Files for Programs page.

The CD Package

HeavyMetal Plus has been packaged for sale in out our New Slim DVD case, a high-quality DVD case, which looks better, is much stronger, ships better and has more convenient room for the instructions insert, than standard CD jewel cases. A quick-reference card and installation instruction sheet is included. (HeavyMetal Plus is now also available by download from MyCommerce, although I wouldn't try it without a broadband connection.) The thumbnail shown below is from a scan of the package; click on it to see an enlarged version.

                Program Requirements  

'Mech & Vehicle Data Files, Plus!

HeavyMetal Plus includes more data files than you've ever seen in one place, including: bullet

Over 2,965 BattleMech data files! These include all the official files from the 2750, 3025, 3050, 3055, 3058, 3060 and 3067 tech readouts, plus the new Record Sheets: Upgrades, Project Phoenix, all the recent source books, over 600 MechForce UK files from all 18 record sheet books, files from Solaris VII and the Reaches, even files that were published in Battle Technology and The Tech Factory magazines. To round things out, custom files are included from those submitted over the past year to the HeavyMetal Pro web site.
Over 560 Vehicle data files! These include all the official files from the 2750, 3025, 3026, 3050, 3058, 3060 and 3067 tech readouts, plus the new Record Sheets: Upgrades, all the recent source books, over 70 MechForce UK files and even files that were published in Battle Technology and The Tech Factory magazines. Also included are custom files.
All 16 ProtoMechs, 54 Battle Armor and 38 Infantry variations are included. And if that's not enough, you can add all Level 2 and Level 3 options (from Maximum Tech) such as paratroops, heavy armor and field guns. Still not enough? Custom design your own battle armor and infantry (have to use your own rules for that, though) and print record sheets for them.
New Data File Organization is provided for ease of use. All 'Mech and vehicle data files are organized in subdirectories by era/year (3025, 3060, etc.), plus all standard designs are duplicated into a single directory in addition. This means you can view, sort or select all 'Mechs or vehicles at one time, or limit your choice by directories. Of course, you can eliminate the duplicated files if you don't have much hard drive space, and add or reorganize to suit your needs.
Over 6,000 files occupying 70 to 120 MB of hard drive space (depending on the hard drive and cluster size) are installed.

More Logos, Plus Pictures!

HeavyMetal Plus includes more logos than ever, which can be printed on your record sheets, and now even includes pictures of your units: bullet

Over 650 Graphics pictures of 'Mechs, vehicles, ProtoMechs and Battle Armor. While I can't include pictures of the Unseen (certain 'Mechs which FASA/FanPro/WizKids does not own rights to the pictures for), other web sites have groups of such pictures, and you can use these in HeavyMetal Plus also.
Over 110 Logos are now included, over twice that included with HeavyMetal Pro! Almost all have been provided directly by FASA or FanPro and are of the highest quality. Even the new logos from the Field Manual: Periphery are included!

Order HMPlus Today!

Heard enough? Order HeavyMetal Plus Now!
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