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HeavyMetal Plus Upgrade Q&A

So, WHAT is a HeavyMetal Plus Upgrade?

It isn't so much what it is, but who can purchase it. The HeavyMetal Plus Upgrades are identical to the HeavyMetal Plus Full Version. But you can only purchase the upgrades if you have previously purchased one or more of the original three programs (HeavyMetal Pro, Vee and/or Lite). The idea is that since Plus includes all three of the programs, if you have already purchased one of them, then we'd like to give you a discount on purchasing Plus.

So, if I buy the Full Version, I don't need any upgrades, right?

That is correct. Everything is included with HeavyMetal Plus.

How do I qualify for a HeavyMetal Plus Upgrade?

You must have previously purchased one or more of the following: HeavyMetal Pro, Vee and Lite.

Which of the Upgrades is for me? How much does it cost?

That depends on how many programs you previously purchased. If you purchased one program (say HeavyMetal Pro), then you qualify for Upgrade #1. Basically, you get a $15 discount on purchasing Plus. If you have purchased two programs (say HMPro and HMVee), then you qualify for Upgrade #2, saving you $30. If you've purchased all three of the programs, and want HMPlus so that you have a CD complete with all the programs, thousands of data files and pictures, you qualify for Upgrade #3, saving you $45.

What if I downloaded HMPro, and don't have a CD?

No problem. As long as you've purchased it directly from me, I have a record of your purchase, so know that you qualify. In fact, this is one of the best ways for people who have previously purchased only a download to get a CD with everything on it.

What if I purchased from FASA (or another retailer)?

If you did not purchase directly from us (RCW Enterprises), we won't have a record of your purchase. Therefore, for proof of purchase, it is normally necessary to return the CD from the qualifying product (CD only, not the case) to us with your order. If you have further questions on this, please contact us at sales@heavymetalpro.com.

What if I haven't purchased any of these programs previously?

Then you can still purchase the Full Version of HeavyMetal Plus, which gives you everything.

Can I qualify for an Upgrade if I purchased HeavyMetal Aero?

No. While we appreciate you purchasing it, as Aero is not included as a part of Plus, the upgrades do not apply.

And the programs are the same, the Full Version and the Upgrade?

Yes, they're identical. Only the price changes.

Sounds good, but where can I see more information on HeavyMetal Plus?

Right here.  ;-)

Order Plus Today!

Heard enough? Order HeavyMetal Plus Now!.

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