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HeavyMetal Pro Revision History

The following changes were made in V5.22 R3:

  • Corrected BV of iNarc ammo to be 0.

The following changes were made in V5.22 R2:

  • Eliminated calculation of C3 BV, as it must now be calculated based on units in the network.
  • Updated Offensive Speed Factor calculation for TSM, MASC and Supercharger according to latest rulings.
  • Corrected where NARC pods were not considered as explosive.

The following changes were made in V5.22 R1:

  • Corrected some weapon properties that affect calculation of BV.
  • Changed Null Signature cost to match Tactical Operations.

The following changes were made in V5.22 R0:

  • Updated BV, costs, etc. for BV from Tactical Handbook, etc.
  • Fine-tuned BV calculation formulas and constants.

The following changes were made in V5.21 R2:

  • Corrected a problem with screen sizing and operation on monitor displays with
    resolutions over 2048 x 1536 in size.
  • Revised artillery Battle Values in accordance with the latest errata.

The following changes were made in V5.21 R1:

  • Corrected the ammo BV of Light ACs, crits of HV AC/2 (THB) and LB 5-X (THB).

The following changes were made in V5.21 R0:

  • Rolled all BV2 changes and errata as determined during final BV2 playtest into the program and data files. Changes are small, mostly due to the exact sorting method for determining heat-limited weapon BV, but they're there, nonetheless

Note: V5.20 R4 through V5.20 R8 were playtest-only revisions, not publically released:

The following changes were made in V5.20 R3:

  • When calculating the BV of LAMs, the AirMech distance of 3 times normal jump distance is used. This may change when/if new rules for LAMs come out, but this makes it consistent with before.
  • Corrected the BV of AC20 ammo, which was 20 points per ton, rather than 22.
  • Corrected where rear-mounted weapons weren't always considered before others in BV calculations.

The following changes were made in V5.20 R2:

  • Now the total BV of Defensive weapon ammo for each weapon type is limited to the total weapon BV of that weapon type, as was already done with Offensive weapons.

The following changes were made in V5.20 R1A:

  • Now include the change that Active Probes, considered as Offensive equipment in the original BV, are specifically considered as Defensive equipment in BV2. The program itself is not different, and will still show V5.20 R1; however new weapon data files are included.

The following changes were made in V5.20 R1:

  • Corrected where Inner Sphere ER PPC was incorrectly identified as not working with a targeting computer, which could throw off cost, tons and BV of designs which included both the ER PPC and TCPU.
  • Corrected where the Clan LB 20-X AC had ammo marked as not exploding. This will throw off the BV of designs using it.
  • The above changes involved only the weapon data files, but the program EXE version was changed to keep track of the changes.

The following changes were made in V5.20 R0:

  • The FIRST version which uses the new Battle Value (BV2) calculations from the BattleTech TechManual.
  • Slightly revised BVs, as published in the above source, for certain weapons are now included.
  • The revised BV calculations, as outlined in both the latest PDF release of the TechManual, and including yet-to-be-released errata, are included.
  • The revised BV Skill Multiplier Table, available at this time only in yet-to-be-released errata, is also included, when modifying skills in Rosters, on record sheets, etc.
  • NOTE: This release includes only the same weapons as previous, and none of the new equipment from the TechManual. Only the BV numbers are changed, where they have bee modified for those weapons.


All Releases Above this point have the new Battle Value 2 calculations

All Releases Below have the original Battle Value calculations


The following changes were made in V5.10 R3:

  • Corrected a problem with screen sizing and operation on monitor displays with
    resolutions over 2048 x 1536 in size.

The following changes were made in V5.10 R2:

  • Corrected BV of AC20 from 20 to 22 per ton.
  • Corrected where rear-mounted weapons weren't always considered before others in BV calculation.
  • Corrected crits of HV AC/2 (THB) and LB 5-X (THB).

The following changes were made in V5.10 R1:

  • Removed test code that prevented BV, cost, etc. from printing on record sheets. This had been added for TPTB to print new record sheets for PDF publication, without BV on them at all, due to BV2 coming out, but accidentally left in.

The following changes were made in V5.10 R0:

  • The LAST version which uses the original Battle Value calculations.
  • Fixed where the BattleForce damage of custom, oddly-numbered missile systems was incorrectly calculated at near-zero.
  • Corrected an error in the graph values for weapons with minimums. This can also affect SRDmg values.

The following changes were made in V5.09 R4:

  • Fixed where to-hit mods over +1 were not considered when calculating custom weapon Battle Value.
  • Changed code reading program INI to cure a Spanish language problem.
  • Fixed where in batch mode, the CBT logo at the top of the record sheet could be printed in bold font, making it less clear.

The following changes were made in V5.09 R3:

  • Fixed where with Composite armor, the Head internal structure points incorrectly showed 3 instead of 2 points.
  • Fixed where the Max Armor button didn't always properly show when it was enabled or disabled.

The following changes were made in V5.09 R2:

  • Added new optional icon to exe for use on desktop, etc., thanks to Xedis Pryde.
  • Changed background color on tabs for more contrast.
  • Now shoe "n.a." for armor points left when using Patchwork armor, as the number of available points varies depending on armor type used.

The following changes were made in V5.09 R1:

  • Eliminated the custom weapon number limitation when Absorbing weapons from an existing design into the custom weapons database from the Weapon Selection screen.

The following changes were made in V5.09 R0:

  • The maximum number of custom weapons in the custom weapons databases has been about tripled, to approximately 120 each for Inner Sphere and Clan.

The following changes were made in V5.08 R0:

  • Added a feature where you can batch print record sheets from the Roster screen with blank areas where skills are normally printed, to be filled in prior to play.
  • Added Check for Updates on Help menu, to make updating the program easier and quicker.
  • Fixed an error in Battle Value calculation of mixed tech with opposite tech XL engines.
  • Fixed where front leg actuators of Quads were priced as arm actuators, rather than leg actuators.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R7:

  • Now Streak LRMs are considered in calculating the BattleForce2 "if" (indirect fire) indicator.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R6:

  • Added LRM Streak (OS) weapons.
  • Now allow International decimal number entry for armor tons & custom weapon tons.
  • Added more movement notes on Heat Table for Triple Strength Myomer use.
  • Fixed where "if" (indirect fire) BattleForce2 indicator wasn't always showing with I.S. LRMs.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R5:

  • Added new printer setup code, so that printer settings can be made within the program for Windows XP and 2000 (previous code didn't always work correctly with these versions, but worked fine with Windows95/98/Me).

The following changes were made in V5.07 R4:

  • Now 0.5 is always rounded up when correcting Battle Value for skills.
  • Corrected Inner Sphere LR Torpedo 20 heat, from 10 to 6.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R3:

  • Due to a recent ruling, now prevent Heavy Gauss Rifles from being mounted on 'Mechs with ICE engines (HGRs require Fusion engines to operate).
  • Added provision for HMAero and HMBA files in BattleForce2 module.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R2:

  • Fixed an additional jump jet problem. Hopefully this is all of them.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R1:

  • Fixed occasional problem with mouseover of file listing.
  • Hopefully fixed missing jump jet problem.
  • Fixed where Version info wasn't displayed on Help About screen.

The following changes were made in V5.07 R0:

  • Corrected the ATM-12 battle value from 54 to 52.
  • Corrected Improved NARC ammo BV (should be 0).
  • Fixed where Artillery weapons were incorrectly included in C3 battle value.
  • Now prevent C3 being used with the Null Signature system.
  • Updated copyright information.

The following changes were made in V5.06 R4:

  • Took the XL Gyro rounding changed in V5.06 R3 back out, as the ruling is being overruled. (I knew I was too quick on that one!) ;-)

The following changes were made in V5.06 R3:

  • Corrected displayed heat with Level 3 coolant pods and compact heat sinks.
  • Fixed where when changing and Armless 'Mech to Level 2, the arm armor could not be changed and locked at a non-zero setting, and where the arm would still show up on the distribution screen.
  • Fixed a problem with Jump Boosters.
  • Now round XL Gyro weight to the next full ton, per a recently changed ruling.

The following changes were made in V5.06 R2:

  • Now keep sensor cost with cockpit and life support on Tech Info screen, regardless of targeting system type. Moving it with targeting options was causing some confusion, although it was not wrong.
  • Fixed where when reducing the 'Mech size of a design with Patchwork armor, the armor did not always reduce as required.

The following changes were made in V5.06 R1:

  • Fixed where RRL(R) weapons on quads were incorrectly noted as RL(R).
  • Fixed where MASC could be shown as 0 tons on small 'Mechs, although it was correctly included as 1 ton in the calculations.
  • Added VSOCX.OCX to Update file to help eliminate problems with older installations.
  • Fixed where gyro weight for 105 size engines was incorrectly calculated as 1 ton instead of 2 tons. This only affected 15 ton 7/11 movement and 35 ton 3/5 movement 'Mechs.
  • Now clarify that all heat settings on Preferences screen apply only to Automatic Heat Sink calculation, and not to other areas of the program.

The following changes were made in V5.06 R0:

  • Fixed where selecting Help > Search for, could crash some computers.
  • Rolls for Inferno explosions now print on heat scale.
  • Fixed where ammo label for 'Mech Mortar/8 said /4.
  • Now prevent mounting of the Heavy Gauss Rifle in the turrets of 'Mechs.
  • Fixed where patchwork armor weight could be wrong after loading and then changing 'Mech tonnage.
  • Fixed where long lines without spaces in the fluff text could hang the Text TRO.
  • Fixed some incorrect BattleForce2 skill modifiers.

The following changes were made in V5.05 R1:

  • Added the ability to have custom missile weapons which utilize Artemis FCS.
  • Fixed a couple display problems on BattleForce2 screen with aero vessels.

The following changes were made in V5.05 R0:

  • Added new equipment from MW:DA published in the CBT Mini Rules book. MaxTech versions had damage and BV added, as those were the only changes.
  • Corrected and updated help file with new equipment, including a summary of Maximum Tech equipment.
  • Added the 3132 era, to accommodate designs from MW:DA record sheet book, and increased allowable year entry to 3200.
  • Fixed where Copy to Clipboard from Text TRO wouldn't always work in Windows 2000 and XP.
  • Fixed where Inner Sphere A-Pods were incorrectly considered explodable, affecting the BV.
  • Fixed where "if" BattleForce2 tag could be on a unit with a LR damage of zero (actually, greater than zero, but rounded to zero).
  • Corrected where quad location RRL(R) was shown as RR(R).
  • Changed Quad hit table to agree with Maximum Tech.
  • Fixed some misspellings and other minor errors.
  • Fixed where record sheet damage of some custom weapons wasn't being printed correctly.
  • Corrected names of some notable warriors in the MechWarrior database.

The following changes were made in V5.04 R2:

  • Now the 2 and 4 missile columns are made bold in the Missile Hit Table for RACs (6 column was already bold).
  • Improved Text TRO so that fluff text wraps automatically. This prevents problems with posting the Text TRO on certain web sites.
  • Fixed where with Inner Sphere SRM and LRM launchers were used with Clan base Mixed Tech could not be used with Artemis fire control.
  • Fixed where Fusion engine line didn't have crits and tons right on text TRO, even though correct totals were used.
  • Made some small changes in the help file.
  • Corrected some leg hit locations in Level 2 Quad Hit Location table option on record sheets.

The following changes were made in V5.04 R1:

  • Fixed where Weapon Value on Tech Info screen would shuffle when manually moving weapons up and down in the listing.
  • Fixed where LRM & SRM OS weapons could have Artemis.
  • Fixed where Rocket Launchers were explodable, affecting calculated Battle Value.
  • Fixed where with Mixed Tech, some weapons could change under certain conditions, like when exiting custom weapon screen.
  • Fixed where on Roster screen, you couldn't cursor up and down in 'Mech listing.
  • Fixed where on Roster screen, you couldn't manually move units up and down with Ctrl-up/dn.

The following changes were made in V5.04 R0:

  • Fixed where C3 BV didn't print right on record sheets in Batch Print mode.
  • Added 3067 era to era dropdown lists.
  • Added WizKids logo, replacing FASA logo, on record sheet printouts.
  • Fixed where Light TAG and Light Active Probe didn't result in BattleForce2 Specials of tag and prb.
  • Fixed where Armor Points and Armor Tons were disabled when using Fixed Armor Distribution and changing tons of 'Mech.
  • Changed so setting Default or All Usage leaves Clan & I. S. User boxes unchecked.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R6:

  • Fixed where Quads showed 1 point too few internal structure points on front legs on record sheet.
  • Added notation on record sheet about permission to photocopy for personal use.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R5:

  • Fixed where Null Signature crits didn't disappear when adding a targeting system to a 'Mech with Null Signature.
  • Fixed where -1 gunnery skill for Dual Cockpit didn't print correctly on record sheets.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R4:

  • Added printing of "-1" after Gunnery Skill when MechWarrior Companion Dual Cockpit is used.
  • Fixed where LRM Artemis could become separated from the LRM when moving from CT with Artemis in the Head.
  • Added 'Mech Mortars from Tactical Handbook to the weapons available.
  • Changed so armor points left (wasted) is always indicated, even if maximum armor has been reached.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R3:

  • Now when Copying or Pasting fluff text, 'Mech picture is also copied and pasted. Great when working on Omnis.
  • Fixed where clicking Open on the 'Mech Roster screen without any 'Mechs in the roster caused an error message to appear.
  • Fixed where the Works with Targeting Computer check box was not enabled when first adding a new custom weapon.
  • Added Marian Hegemony to the Usage screens.
  • Fixed where using Refind with some 'Mechs selected when using Tons as a basis did not Refind.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R2:

  • Improved HTML output. Again.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R1:

  • Fixed where when setting duplicate weapons manufacturers, quantity and location were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed where loaded file was marked as not saved if engine type was highlighted.
  • Fixed a problem where I.S. Light Fusion engine was sometimes labeled as XXL.
  • Improved HTML output.

The following changes were made in V5.03 R0:

  • Fixed where sometimes # heat sinks on ICE engines on drop-down list was incorrect.
  • Fixed where Buzzsaw crits and tons were misaligned on text TRO.
  • Added Clan Wolf in Exile on Usage tabs and screen.
  • Fixed where some forms didn't appear centered over parent form.
  • Now when copying and pasting manufacturing data, weapon data copies too.
  • Corrected TAG Weapon Value.
  • Added WizKids copyright information in place of FASA.

The following changes were made in V5.02R10:

  • Added automatic loading of a file double-clicked from Windows Explorer when program is open.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when changing a Level 3 design with an XXL engine to Level 2.
  • Fixed where Heavy Gauss Rifle variable damage was not considered in BattleForce2 damage and short, medium and long range damage factors.
  • Fixed where changing from Level 3 to Level 2 with a Null Signature system did not get rid of Null Sig crits.
  • Now include the effect of Level 3 Long and Short Range Targeting Systems in damage graph and factors.
  • Fixed a problem with cargo bays, which should only be available to Utility 'Mechs ('Mechs with Utility 'Mech internal structure). Engine type has not effect.

The following changes were made in V5.02R9:

  • Weapons with 100 shots of ammo per ton or more (like the Heavy Machine Gun) now show in 1/2 ton increments on ammo dropdown of weapon selection screen.
  • Fixed where the printed BattleForce2 skill was wrong if unit had parentheses in its name.
  • Scaling factor (on Page Setup screen) now affects the BattleForce2 printouts as well. Some people had a problem where parts of the BF2 record sheet printed on the next sheet.
  • Fixed where Mechanical Jump Boosters and Jump Packs could not be selected with I.C.E. engines (although I.C.E. engine could be selected once Jump Boosters or Jump Packs were selected).
  • Fixed where damage graph and damage factors did not consider that ELRMs do half damage for first 10 hexes.
  • Fixed where damage graph and damage factors did not consider that Heavy Gauss Rifles do damage dependant upon range.

The following changes were made in V5.02R8:

  • Now pop up a window on save if Rules Level and Era don't match (i.e. Level 3 rules on a 3025 'Mech).
  • Added 'Mech name to tooltip if it's too long to see the entire name on the listings on the Open, Select and Roster screens.
  • Added the ability to change Roster screen skills by typing a 0 to 7 for Gunnery skill, or Ctrl and 0 to 7 for piloting skills. The skill boxes still work, but this is a quicker and neater way to change different values.
  • Updated the help file and contents files to include an easier-to-find New Equipment page, and added all equipment from all field manuals that are in HMPro.
  • Added New Equipment to the Help menu selection.
  • Went to a bi-lingual installation program (German and English) on the full version setup (not required on the update).
  • Fixed an occasional armor weight & display problem.
  • Fixed where the Text Tech Readout and BV Calculations Screen did not close with the 'X'..
  • Fixed where some acceleration keys were duplicated on the Manufacturing screen.
  • Grenade Launchers are now limited to locating only in torso locations.
  • The 'Default' usage button now changes to 'All Clan' and 'All I.S.'.
  • Added 'X' button to close the Weapon Manufacturer/Model listing on Manufacturing screen. This had caused some confusion as to how best to close it.
  • Fixed when canceling out of Delete All fluff still deleted it.
  • Fixed when turret-mounted weapons were still marked as being in the turret when going from Level 3 to Level 2 or 1 rules.

The following changes were made in V5.02R7:

  • Changes so THB, UB and UK weapons are only considered in automatic weapon selection if you have them checked.
  • Improved calculation of missile & DFM damage factors and graphed damage.
  • Added display of Running as well as Maximum speed in km/h on all TROs.
  • Improved saving of Open From directory.
  • Added functionality to the Properties button of the smaller Print dialog box.
  • Fixed where "^" would sometimes appear on the incorrect button, showing sort direction on Open screen.
  • Fixed where Power Amplifier weight was wrong - waaay wrong!

The following changes were made in V5.02R6:

  • Added Field Manual: Periphery equipment.
  • Updated a DLL which fixes the problem with customizing toolbars in Windows NT and 2000.
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste buttons to Manufacturing/Model screen, as in HMVee.
  • Corrected where sensor cost was not included in total when Null Signature system was added.
  • Corrected where Status window showed No Ammo for xxxx if 'Mech had no ammo at all.
  • Fixed where changing the Design Type (Standard, Modified or Custom) did not mark 'Mech as changed.

The following changes were made in V5.02R5:

  • Changed one last time to not requiring ammo for each weapon using ammo in order to save it. Although according to BattleTech Master Rules, it is not legal to design a 'Mech with weapons requiring ammo not having at least some ammo, this change will allow users to save Omni designs which may have certain weapons (like Arrow IV), with ammo intended to be in the pods, and therefore the base design would not have ammo. However, reports and record sheets will have a note indicating "Insufficient Ammo." This accomplishes both goals: being able to save an intermediate or base design without ammo, yet requiring ammo for normal game play and final designs. I intend this to be the last change in this area!
  • Added a bold-face column on the Missile Hits tables when using LB-X autocannon. For example, when using an LB-X 10, then 10 column will be bold face, making location of that column easier.
  • Fixed where the left margin and metric/English settings were not restored properly upon restart.
  • Changed email address on Help menu to new BellSouth address.
  • Corrected running movement for tabletop ranges, which previously multiplied MP by tabletop range factor, rather than multiplying walking movement by 1.5 and rounding up.
  • Added the ability to print all weapon specs from the custom weapon screen, an often-asked-for feature. You can print both Inner Sphere and Clan weapons, each in separate lists, and specify a maximum rules level to print. In addition, you can choose to include Custom weapons or not.

The following changes were made in V5.02R4:

  • Changed back to requiring ammo for each weapon using ammo. This is in accord with the rules in BattleTech Master Rules.
  • Added 3062 era to drop-down lists to save typing.
  • Fixed where if you saved a file with Ctrl-S after changing the era/year, but without moving away from that field, it didn't update.
  • Fixed where with Fusion engines, the engine crits on printed TRO's wasn't always right. Record sheets, totals, etc. were all correct.

The following changes were made in V5.02R3:

  • Values in Missile Hits Table for which 'Mech has missiles or Ultra AC's of that quantity, are now in bold type, with the rest in non-bold, to make finding applicable hits quicker and easier.
  • Fixed where Clan ECM didn't show on BattleForce2 info as "ecm".
  • Fixed where Clan Enhanced Imaging could mess up crits for Level 3 targeting systems options.
  • Fixed where occasionally Heavy Gauss Rifle crits got messed up when locating and splitting the weapon, if CASE had previously been added, moved, then deleted.

The following changes were made in V5.02R2:

  • Now display a message in the Status and a message upon saving if one or more weapons using ammo have no ammo, to prevent accidentally saving the design without ammo.
  • Fixed where Battle Values were shown incorrectly when batch printing from the 'Mech roster.

The following changes were made in V5.02R1:

  • The Battle Value for Inner Sphere mixed tech Sniper and Thumper were incorrect.
  • Fixed where Single printed instead of Double for heat sinks on record sheet.
  • Removed requirement for all weapons using ammo to have at least some ammo.
  • Fixed where Punch damage was considered in addition to Hatchet damage on damage graph.
  • Fixed where 'Mechs in the 'Mech Roster, which were located in a directory other than the current directory, would not batch print.
  • Fixed where weapon weights were rounded incorrectly on the printed Tech Readout.
  • Fixed where hatchet locations overprinted other text on printed Tech Readouts.
  • Fixed where the Color / B&W selection wasn't saved in the INI file.
  • Added Tabletop ranges to Attack Modifiers Table.
  • Added back in total heat sink points in parentheses after number of heat sinks on record sheet.
  • Fixed where the number of heat sinks in the engine displayed incorrectly for Compact heat sinks.

The following changes were made in V5.02R0:

  • Corrected a very bad bug which would print "w/ Artemis IV" after all weapons on the printed record sheets.
  • Fixed where selecting a weapon manufacturer with no weapons would add an extra line with manufacturer to the end of the listing.
  • Fixed where Laser & Compact Heat Sinks were labeled as Double on printed record sheets only.
  • Inner Sphere Anti Missile System damage was printed incorrectly.
  • Now prevent the long damage text of the Heavy Gauss Rifle from overwriting other text.
  • Fixed where the 'Mech picture didn't update when Batch printing.
  • The selected Printer in HMPro is now saved with the application, and can be different than the default Windows printer.
  • Eliminated the File | Printer Setup menu selection, as all printer dialog boxes allow printer setup.
  • Fixed where carriage returns (paragraphs) were eliminated in HTML file save in fluff text.
  • Fixed where Location of manufacturer wasn't put into HTML file.
  • Now force Critical Slot Limits when selected to stay on when saving, forcing the design to stay at Level 3. Previously, the design was changed back to L1 or L2, as it would be a legal L1 or L2 design.
  • Corrected Single Heat Sink cost.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R12:

  • Added a separating line on hit tables to make values easier to read, a user request.
  • Fixed where text after a comma was removed on warrior names when brought in from warrior roster.
  • Updated Tip of Day text.
  • Changed ratios on Select 'Mechs screen to better represent selected values, and not always using WV.
  • Formatted printed TRO slightly different, slight improvement.
  • Now put Artemis notations with each weapon, instead of separately. This just makes sense, and you can now tell if the weapon has Artemis on Main screen, etc. Plus it prints out nicer.
  • Clicking on an available weapon on the Select Weapon screen no longer changes quantity to 1, making the natural left-to-right input work better.
  • Added ability to print Damage Graph on printed TRO, along with 'Mech picture, if desired. Another user request.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R11:

  • Changes have been made to 'Mech Roster operation to improve saving and other operations on non-US systems.
  • Made manual sort of 'Mech Roster (Ctrl-Up/Dn) faster and more efficient.
  • Corrected printed and exported Gunnery Skill on 'Mech Rosters. Skills were sometimes in error when changed from the standard value of 4. Values on screen, batch printed values and corrected Battle Values were all correct.
  • Corrected printed and exported overall Ratio on 'Mech Rosters. Value on screen was correct.
  • Added Search Icon and eliminated Search button on Open screen for consistency with other screens.
  • Fixed where RT(R) armor dots could be wrong if different from LT(R). Total listed was correct.
  • Made logo filename window wider when selecting logos, to better see long filenames.
  • Added more error handling in Custom Toolbar code to hopefully help in Win2K systems.
  • Now allow C3 systems and targeting computers, but still not C3 with Level 3 targeting systems, correcting a misunderstanding I had, clarified by Randall Bills.
  • Beginning with this version, all available 'Mech data files (currently about 520) will be included with CDs sent out, not just the original 140+. To keep download sizes smaller and times shorter, download buyers should still download the added validated 'Mech data files.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R10:

  • Fixed a problem with non-U.S. systems and custom weapons (couldn't specify partial tons for weapon weights).
  • Fixed a Custom Weapon saving problem. If you've had problems saving and using custom weapons, make sure you update to this version. You may need to delete your custom weapons and enter them again if they still aren't right.
  • Added ability to add Mixed Tech custom weapons, something users have asked for. Now your mixed tech weapons will appear along with others. Remember, you enter mixed tech weapons in the /opposite/ weapons database. For example, a Clan custom weapon to be used in Inner Sphere base mixed tech would be located in the /Inner Sphere/ custom weapons list, and should be identified with "(C)" at the end of the weapon name. Likewise, an Inner Sphere custom weapon to be available with Clan base mixed tech would be located in the Clan custom weapons list, and identified with a "(IS)" at the end of the weapon name.
  • Now custom weapons with no mass (zero tons) are allowed. They still need to have at least one crit, however. (Don't abuse this, now!)
  • Added ability to manually sort order of 'Mechs in the 'Mech Roster. To do this, just use Ctrl-Up/Dn to move each 'Mech up or down in the listing. Another user-requested item.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R9:

  • Removed the incorrectly added check for multiple C3 systems.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R8:

  • Fixed where deleting missile launcher in the CT with Artemis in the head did not remove Artemis crits.
  • Added checks preventing multiple C3 systems, or using C3 with special targeting systems.
  • Fixed where Mechanical Jump Boosters could have added jump jet crits when increasing Jump MP.
  • Now allow higher screen mode with lower resolutions, to prevent blocking use with unusual screen resolutions.
  • Fixed misspelling of MechWarrior at Blue Shield info prompt (hey, I'm an engineer, not a linguist!).
  • Fixed where some decimal numbers were lost on BV calculations with some non-US systems.
  • Now prevent removal of Guardian ECM with Stealth Armor.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R7:

  • Fixed where side torso armor could be negative under very unusual circumstances.
  • Changed BV of Inner Sphere Gauss Rifle ammo from 33 to 37. This was originally an error in MaxTech that was never fixed, so now it's become gospel. The update includes a new IS weapons file.
  • Eliminated the -1 Gunnery Skill modification for LAMs which increased BV by 20% as it applies only to attacks against ground-attacking fighters, not ground attacks.
  • Added identification of Enhanced Imaging to the Text and HTML Tech Readouts.
  • HTML background code was not properly written to file.
  • Fixed where with Fractional Accounting and Automatic armor distribution, sometimes small fractions of tons left were not shown.
  • Speed factor for Supercharger was wrong, affecting resultant Battle Value (but not BV Calcs).

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R6:

  • The default year/era range on the Advanced Open and Select 'Mechs screens has been changed from 2750-3060 to 2400-3100. When attempting to view, open or select 'Mechs from the latest field manuals, which had 'Mechs with dates of 3062 and 3063, these 'Mechs did not show up until the user changed the year to a date which included them. The new defaults ensure that all 'Mechs will always be visible and available when using these advanced functions.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R5:

  • Fixed where the crits for Null Signature System were incorrectly identified as Enhanced Imaging on Mixed Tech 'Mechs with Clan base.
  • Fixed an annoying behavior where sometimes screens would reopen immediately after they were closed (occurred rarely, though).

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01R4:

  • Made the Sorts on Open and Roster screens bi-directional, so clicking once sorts high-to-low, clicking again reverses the process. Now you can have you cheapest 'Mechs at the top instead of the most expensive.
  • Fixed where Artemis crits were sometimes not removed properly when replacing weapons.
  • Fixed where you couldn't put Patchwork Ferro-Fibrous armor on the front legs of Quads.
  • Improved Text TRO and Battle Value printouts.
  • Added Print and Copy to Clipboard buttons to Battle Value Calculation screen.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01 R3:

  • Added the Fluff Clipboard with buttons to Copy and Paste all fluff text, making working with multiple files easier.
  • Added ability to View & Sort by Movement MP & Jump capability on Open screen.
  • Added ability to View & Sort by Era/Year on Open screen.
  • Added ability to Select 'Mechs based on Minimum MP & Jump Capability.
  • Added a check for Read-Only 'Mech files when deleting or overwriting.
  • Changed some House names to include more historic names.
  • Turned off the annoying sounds on Flat Buttons.
  • Fixed where BF2 info was lost when copying 'Mechs to 'Mech Roster, then to BF2 roster.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01 R1:

  • Adds the much-awaited ability to print the 'Mech Picture on the Record Sheet in place of the Logo. This can also be used to assign a logo specifically to each 'Mech rather than a picture of the 'Mech, and to save Logos in any directory to be used for this purpose. Please remember that the maximum picture size only is 1" wide by 1.1" high, so select your pictures accordingly.
  • Fixed where the total Battle Value displayed in 'Mech Rosters was not corrected for skills.
  • Made input routine changes to prevent problems with foreign alphabets (specifically Japanese).

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.01 R0:

  • Added optional Attack Modifiers table to record sheet printing.
  • Added ToolTips to give mass of certain equipment when moving mouse cursor over them. These include engine, supercharger, MASC, gyro, internal structure, cockpit, jump jets, targeting system and physical attack weapons.
  • Added ability to make a New MechWarrior Roster from the MechWarrior Roster screen.
  • Changed location of total Internal Structure points on record sheet to prevent confusion with Head internal structure.
  • Changed View Text TRO shortcut from Ctrl-X to F5, to allow Cut (Ctrl-X) in text boxes.
  • Fixed where Rotary AC were considered at double-rate rather than 6x rate for damage graph, SRDmg, MRDmg and LRDmg.
  • When calculating BattleForce2 damage, SRMs and LRMs were not considered unless they had Artemis.
  • Custom weapon info wasn't always displayed correctly just after loading.
  • Fixed where BV was incorrectly reduced with Light engine and CASE in side torsos.
  • Fixed where saving while still at fluff text didn't update fluff.
  • Fixed where two supercharger crits could occur when changing certain engine types.
  • Fixed where you could incorrectly split Targeting Computer crits.
  • Fixed Overflow error with too many 'Mechs in roster.
  • Fixed where sending 'Mech Roster 'Mechs to BattleForce2 Roster gave wrong 'Mechs.
  • Now limit total 'Mech BV to 32,222 to prevent overflow errors (don't design those ridiculous custom weapons!).

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.00 R11:

  • Fixed a crits left problem when using a Compact fusion engine.
  • Made the heat scale movement reduction due to heat have Tabletop ranges when so selected.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.00 R10:

  • Fixed a Mace and Claw record sheet printing problem.
  • Now limit Thunderbolt(OS) missile from Unbound to only Side Torso locations.
  • Added automatic changing of Damage Text when Damage is changed on Custom Weapon screen.
  • A couple other small changes no one will ever notice.

The following was changed in HeavyMetal Pro V5.00 R9:

  • Battle Value printout was sometimes in the wrong font.
  • Quad color location labels were the wrong color.
  • MRDamage was shown in place of LRDamage on damage graph.
  • Turret weapon BV was incorrectly calculated like rear mounted weapons.
  • Added "ECM" and "PRB" extras to BattleForce2 data for Watchdog system.
  • Improved conversion of old file type and model.
  • Made movement MP on Record Sheet match Tabletop scale.
  • Saving while at fluff text didn't mark 'Mech as saved.
  • ATM Tabletop ranges were incorrect for alternate ammo.
  • Selecting New 'Mech now moves cursor to 'Mech Type for convenience.
  • Made Add Weapon icon on weapon select screen green, less stylized for clarity.
  • Made box outlines on record sheet in Ink Saver mode thinner and eliminated shadow for more ink savings.
  • Fixed a problem with distributing split weapons.
  • Fixed a problem with mis-identifying ammo crits in converted old format files.
  • Fixed where using Stealth armor changed 'Mech to Level 3 instead of Level 2.



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