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More Pictures

The additional pictures below can be placed into the appropriate directories on your hard drive, making them available for use by the HeavyMetal programs. The appropriate location is in the \Bmps directory of each HeavyMetal product, for example "C:\Program Files\HeavyMetal\Pro\Bmps".

The files are all zipped, in order to reduce file and download size, and help prevent corruption of the data. If you don't have a zip/unzip program such as WinZip or PKZip, you can download a free utilities like Zipper and WinRAR.

TR 3026r Lost Designs

Since the Lost Designs are only a portion of the total pictures in TR 3026, the pictures for these designs are located on the Data Files Page, along with the data files.

Technical Readout: 3067 Pictures

Record Sheets: 3067 - 45 'Mech pics, 1.3MB

Record Sheets: 3067 - 16 Vehicle pics, .4MB

Technical Readout: Project Phoenix Pictures

Project Phoenix Pictures - 84 pics, 3 MB

MechForce UK Pictures

David McCulloch has submitted copies of the 'Mech pictures he made for those MechForce UK 'Mechs which he designed. There are 10 very nice drawings here for your use, and you can match them to the appropriate MFUK designs.

10 MechForce UK Pictures - Revised 09/29/2001

Additional 'Mech Pictures

As you may know, it was impossible for me to include any pictures of the Unseen (LosMechs) 'Mech or vehicle designs, those which I am prohibited from including due to my license agreement with FASA. Medron Pryde at PRI has made available a selection of pictures of these units, however, so you can download them to help fill out the selection of pictures included with HeavyMetal Plus.

PRI Featured Downloads for HeavyMetal including the Unseen

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