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New Slim DVD Box

RCW Enterprises is proud to be one of the first to use the new design slim DVD safe case. This slim case has several advantages over the older, thicker case:

Naturally, a slim box takes up less room than a thick one. In this case, just about half the width. Therefore, the box takes up less space on your valuable bookshelf (more room for all those BattleTech TRO books, right?). (See the photo below of my bookshelf with both programs side by side.)

Since the box is smaller, it is possible to fit two into an envelope that previously could only hold one. Or four into an envelope that could only hold two before. This allows me to reduce my shipping cost for 2 or more programs, and I'm passing that savings on to you by reducing shipping costs on multiple orders.

While the original DVD box was very sturdy, the new one is even sturdier. This will result in even more reliable shipping and receiving of HeavyMetal programs.

Mostly because of the thinness, the CD in the slim box is held in place much more rigidly. While the older case held the CDs in place well, if one did get loose, it would rattle around inside and sometimes get scratched. Even if removed from the snap center retainer, the CD moves around very little if at all, with the case closed.

The photo above, right shows that the two boxes are identical, except for thickness. As you can see by the photo below, what you get inside is still the same: a CD with the program, and a quick reference insert.

I feel the new, slim cases are a real improvement over the previous cases, and think you will too. The new cases will be phased in over a short period of time, so you'll probably be seeing one with your order.




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