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HeavyMetalPro Newsletter & Group

Why a Yahoo! Group?

A Yahoo! Group has been set up to function as a newsletter for information concerning HeavyMetal software and products. Why a Yahoo! Group and not just a mailing list? Well, even the best-intentioned newsletters are often interpreted as spam by some ISPs, AOL in particular. The recommendation of my excellent and recommended web host, Lunarpages, is not to have such a list through them, as they have to take proactive action on any complaints, and some web sites have been shut down, just because a person who signed up for a group didn't remember it, and reported it as spam. Also, you may have noticed that with some mailing lists, you can see the email address of others who receive it. That is not the case with Yahoo! Groups or the HeavyMetalPro newsletter.

How is Membership handled?

With Yahoo! Groups, you are in control of your membership, not us. You sign up (subscribe) only if you are interested. You determine how and when you receive any newsletters or notifications. And you can unsubscribe, and re-subscribe if you change your mind, any time you like.

What will newsletters have?

The intent of the newsletters is simply to provide people interested in software for BattleTech with information they may find useful. We intend to send out newsletters when updates of the software is available, when a new product is released, or when major changes are made to the HeavyMetalPro.com web site that you may be interested in.

How often will I receive newsletters?

This is open at this point, but probably not more than once a month, very probably less. Updates for the programs do not occur that often, and new products certainly far less often. And we'll only be announcing major changes or updates to the web site that we think you may be interested in, and not every time something is changed.

In what form will the newsletters be received?

Newsletters are normally sent out by email. Yahoo! Groups have the ability to allow members to post as well, but that is not enabled here; you are signing up only to receive periodic emails from us about HeavyMetal software, and not from others. If you prefer, you can just to go the HeavyMetalPro Group page, and read the announcements there. With a group with high traffic, that can make a lot of sense. With newsletters being sent out only every month or so, that probably doesn't make as much sense for this group. But you can configure your Yahoo! HeavyMetalPro Group any way you like.

Newsletter Subject Identification

Please note that emails to you from the HeavyMetalPro Group will have a subject beginning with [HeavyMetalPro]. This helps to identify the email as coming from this group, even though your email address will not be in the "To" field of your emails; rather the group address of heavymetalpro@yahoogroups.com will be used. If your spam or email program program filters out messages from the HeavyMetalPro Group, you can add a Message Rule to be sure you receive it. If you would like help setting up a filter, please email us.

Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously, and want to emphasize that your information will always be kept confidential by us; we will not give or sell your email address or any other personal information concerning you. Nor will your email address or any other information concerning you be visible to other members of the group. There's enough spam on the Net and in email as it is, and it is not our intention to add to that in any way.

How do I Sign Up?

Simple. Just go to the HeavyMetalPro Yahoo! Group and click on the Sign Up link. If you're already a Yahoo! member, you can use your existing membership ID, whether you subscribe to any other groups or not. In signing up, you can use your current email address, or start a new Yahoo! email address. And if you don't want to enter your real name and age, make one up. All we really need is a valid email address for you to receive the newsletter. While you may see a link on the group site to which you can email to the group, you will not be able to use it. Only moderators can send email to the group. This will keep you from receiving any email from the HeavyMetalPro Group not actually sent by us.

Let us know what you want!

While you cannot make posts or emails to the group, you can make suggestions to us as to what you would like to see in the newsletters. Please feel free to email us at heavymetalpro-owner@yahoogroups.com and suggest the type of information you would like to see from the group emails.

Have Fun!

We hope and trust that the HeavyMetalPro Yahoo! Group will add to your knowledge and enjoyment of this great game of BattleTech. If you have any questions or comments concerning the group, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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