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Random Unit Selector (RUS)

New - RUS Data Files

For the first time, additional RUS data files are being made available. Adding to the considerable number of data files included with the program, the latest files include tables from the new Total Warfare book as well as other sources. So check out the new RUS Data Files. And if you're not already familiar with RUS, please go to the RUS Features Page for more information.

RUS Version 2

RUS is a small program which may be used for a variety of purposes: rolling dice, selecting random units, hit tables, you name it. It's so flexible because you have control over it. It uses simple text files as data, which can be edited and created with NotePad or other strictly-text editor. Each item entered is entered with a frequency, which determines how often it occurs in selections. Selections are random, but weighted toward the more frequently occurring items. Samples are included to get you started (2d6 dice rolls, Field Manual: Free Worlds League 'Mech selection tables, some hit location tables, some LRM and SRM missile hit tables), but please be sure to read the ReadMe.txt file for examples and information.

RUS is provided free as a service to my customers. It uses the same runtime files as HMPro, so if you have HMPro, you can run RUS.exe without anything more. (If you don't have any of the HeavyMetal programs, you can download and install the required runtime files from Microsoft.) Simply unzip RUS.zip to any directory (I recommend making a new one, so you can keep RUS V2 text data files separate from other text files and from RUS V1), and run RUS.exe. Medron Pryde at PRI has expanded upon the selection tables, so you might go there and choose Downloads, then Game Aids, then RUS Expanded Tables to get some more. RUS is freeware, and you can copy and distribute it as you like; just give me credit for it!

New Features in RUS V2:

  • Copy to Clipboard feature now works with Windows 2000 and XP.
  • A listing of all RUS files in the current directory are displayed at all time.
  • The data file Drive and RUS Directory are shown at all times.
  • Maximum number of items to select from, and to select, have increased, like, a thousand times!
  • Screen size is resizable, and remembers that size and location the next time RUS V2 is run.
  • A movable divider is provided between the File windows and the Unit windows, to make the display better match your requirements.
  • The ability to "nest" files a single level has been added. That is, one file can determine which skill level file to use, then the appropriate file is used for the warrior's skills. This can be complex, so check out the included Warrior Skills files.
  • Files may be edited while in RUS, by right-clicking and choosing Edit, which opens Notepad, allowing you to modify or make new files on the spot.

RUS V2 Screen Shot:

We've all had a lot of fun working on RUS V2, and hope you will enjoy using it.

RUS V2.00 R0 zip file with sample files posted 06/26/2004

RUS Data File Project

Now that we have the ultimate Random Unit Selector, we need the Ultimate RUS Database! I have started a project that I hope will eventually grow into having every random table from every BattleTech source available for your use. I have a spreadsheet (updated 06/26/2004) which I will keep updating, and which will grow to be a listing of all such tables. Then, the status of the data files for the tables will be added to the spreadsheet. With the help of all of you, we should be able to make a tremendous number of data files available

For more information on the project, and hopefully to participate as well, please go to the HeavyMetalPro.com Forum RUS2 File Creation Project.

RUS V2 Now Included with HeavyMetal Plus

The latest version of RUS V2 is now included with HeavyMetal Plus, along with some new standard and example files. I'll be adding even more, after the above RUS Data File Project is complete. 

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