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HeavyMetal Program Screen Fix Page

Some times programs which have been working fine, after the splash screen saying "Loading main program", fail to display the program's main screen. While it is possible that the program has been corrupted, what more often occurs is that the main screen has been accidentally moved out of the visible area of the screen, and therefore appears to not be running. The icon and button will appear in the task bar, but no program is visible.

There are three ways to fix this, so let's start with the easiest and simplest method:

  1. Reinstall the program - Either from a saved download or the original CD, reinstall the program having the screen problem. This can often fix the problem, and also fix problems other than the screen problem. The Setup program will locate your existing installation and install to that same directory. You will NOT lose any custom designs or weapons; only the program and operating files are changed.
  2. Run the HeavyMetal Software Screen Reset program - While I will describe the steps to do manually in step 3, I've also written a program to reset the screen locations of any or all of your HeavyMetal programs to the upper left corner of the screen, insuring they will be visible. Then you can move them to the desired location, and they should stay there. You can download this reset program by clicking here. After downloading, simply run the program and follow the instructions to reset the screen on any of your HeavyMetal programs. This program does automatically what method 3 does manually.
       Screen Reset Program
  3. Make the Changes Manually - If you prefer to do things manually, or want to understand what's going on with the above HeavyMetal Software Screen Reset program, you can follow these directions:
    1. Start File Explorer as an Administrator.To do this:
      1. Right-click an open area of the task bar, and choose Task Manager.
      2. In Task Manager, choose from the menu File > Run New Task:

        and type "explorer".
      3. In the case above, the user is running as an Administrator, and the text beside the shield states so. If you get a check box asking if you "Create this task with administrative privileges, be sure to check it. You will not be able to make the required changes unless you do it as an Admin. If you don't know your Admin password, you may to have someone else do this procedure for you.
    2. Using File Explorer, browse to the Program Files folder where your HeavyMetal program having the problem is located. Usually this folder will be "C:\Program Files\HeavyMetal\Pro" for HeavyMetal Pro, for example. On a 64-bit systems, more common now, the folder will usually be "C:\Program Files (x86)\HeavyMetal\Pro". The subdirectory for the other programs will normally be "\Vee", "\Lite", "\Aero", "\Battle Armor" and "\Map".
    3. Within this folder described above you should find the main program files used to run the program (like hvypro.exe, hmvee.exe, etc.) You will also find one of the following INI or initialization files, depending on the program being used:
      1. HeavyMetal Pro - hvypro.ini
      2. HeavyMetal Vee - hmvee.ini
      3. HeavyMetal Lite - hmlite.ini
      4. HeavyMetal Aero - hmaero.ini
      5. HeavyMetal Battle Armor - hmba.ini
      6. HeavyMetal Map - hexmap.ini
    4. Double-Click on the appropriate INI file. This will normally open Notepad, a simple Windows text editor, allowing you to make changes. The contents will look something like this:
    5. In two places above, two lines have been enclosed in red. These are the lines that determine the program startup location. Modify each line of Mode_#_X= and Mode_X_Y= to be zero, which will place the program in the upper left position. Note that depending on othe program you are running, and the mode (screen size) in which it runs, you may have only Mode_1 for each, up from Mode_1 up to Mode_3. Unless you're sure otherwise, it's best to just change ALL of them to be equal to zero (like shown in the second enclosed box above). You can always move the program to a better location after you restart it, and it will stay there. Do NOT change the Mode_#_Width or Mode_#_Height values, only the _X and _Y values.
    6. Save the file using the menu File > Save. If asked to confirm overwriting, respond with Yes.
    7. If you have been running the HeavyMetal program with the screen problem as an Administrator, as strongly recommended, then you should be done and have fixed the problem. If you have not taken this advice, and been running the HeavyMetal program as a normal User, then Windows plays tricks on you, and the program. It will NOT let you save files to any Program Files folder, even your 'Mech and other designs. Instead, it creates a hidden Virtual Store folder to make these changes, where you DO have permissions to save changes. That being the case, you will also have to make the above manual changes to the INI file within the virtual store. At this point, you have a choice of doing that too (instructions to follow), or heed the advice and be sure to run your HeavyMetal programs as an administrator in the future. Either way, to be sure, you can make the same above changes using the continuing instructions here.
    8. Find and Navigate to the VirtualStore folder, which should be similar in name to this:
          "c:\Users\Rick\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\HeavyMetal\Pro\"
      Obviously, you will substitute your Username for \Rick\ in the above address, and use the appropriate address for the desired program.
    9. Should you either a) Not find a folder by that name, or b) Not find an INI file as listed above, then it is probably the case that you don't need to make any changes. But if you DO find the INI as listed above, make the exact same changes you did previously to the other INI to the one located in the virtual store folder, starting again with step 4 above.
    10. Once the INI files at both locations, or only one if the other does not exist, you are done changing the screen startup location for that program. Repeat the procedure as necessary for the other programs.
    11. Again, the above procedure, somewhat complex as it is, is done automatically to any selected programs by the HeavyMetal Software Screen Reset program described above. This long description is only provided for information purposes, or if you don't like the idea of another program making these changes for you.


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