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Awards and Reviews

Note: Due to the dynamic nature  of the Internet, web sites and addresses change all the time. Therefore, all of the pages below have been downloaded from the original web sites, and placed on this site. In some cases, certain text has been highlighted, to assist in locating the appropriate page. In each case, the original address of the page is given in parentheses after the link, for your reference and corroboration. In some cases, links cannot access the referenced page directly, and instructions are given to navigate to them.

ISN 2001 Fan Choice Awards
ISN 2001 Fan Choice Awards

(Downloaded from the Inner Sphere News web site at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Portal/4376/. Click on the Articles button, then the June 2001 link.)





PRI Website

HeavyMetal Pro Review by Medron Pryde on PRI

(Download from PRI at http://www.pryderockindustries.com/articles/hmp_review.php)


HeavyMetal Pro Review by Camille Klein, of RGM fame

(Downloaded from PRI at http://www.pryderockindustries.com/articles/hmp_review_camille.php)


HeavyMetal Vee Review by David "MacAttack" McCulloch on PRI

(Downloaded from PRI at http://www.pryderockindustries.com/articles/hmv_review.php)


Original HeavyMetal Review (NOT HeavyMetal Pro)

(Included for historical reasons, as all of the inadequacies of the original program have long since been remedied. Downloaded from PRI at http://www.pryderockindustries.com/articles/hm_review.php)


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