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New at BattleCorps 

You can now get many of the source books, even the newest books and other publications, in PDF format, downloading it immediately. Not only is this portable format quicker to get, but it is completely searchable and all or part can be printed if desired.

So, What Is it?

BattleTech® has always been about the community. It is the community of dedicated players that has supported BattleTech for the twenty years of its existence, and it is that community (especially on-line) that will see the universe forward.

In 2002 the celebrated BattleTech novel line was ended in favor of the new MechWarrior: Dark Age® series. Interest and demand for new “classic” fiction remained at such a high level, however, that several authors, artists, and administrators banded together to launch BattleCorps in August 2004 as a way of filling this need.

BattleCorps (http://www.battlecorps.com) is a subscription-based website developed by InMediaRes Productions, LLC. Its goal is to actively support the BattleTech universe with new canon art, fiction, and a dynamic community. Under license from WizKids, Inc, BattleCorps delivers new material every week, keeping fans and readers entertained with the ongoing politics, battles, and technological development of the 31st century.

Through the growing pains of the launch and the first half year of operation, BattleCorps has continued to refine its presentation and content, in response to feedback. Now starting to hit its stride, BattleCorps has a host of new options launching within weeks that will take this community dedication to the next level. These include a ranking system to reward those who support the community, moderated chats that include guests such as myself and the authors and artists of the BattleTech universe, a BattleShop for purchasing BattleTech products and more.

We are particular excited and pleased to announce that beginning in February, the entire BattleTech catalog of products—from Tales of the Black Widow Company to Star League and even the newest sourcebooks published by FanPro, such as the Historical: War of 3039 and FedCom Civil War—will start to become available for purchase through the BattleCorps BattleShop. Each sourcebook will be PDF’d and OCR'd to make them fully searchable, with linked table of contents. The text will also be actual Vector text in as many products as possible.

They'll be sold through BattleCorps.com, as well as CBT.com (which will link to the appropriate store) and be available to everyone (whether you are a BattleCorps subscriber or not) for purchase. Prices will range from 20% off to 50% off the original cover price, depending on the book (BattleCorps subscribers will receive an additional 5% off that price).

These are just a few of the most exciting new developments at BattleCorps and we are constantly looking to expand our services.

Of course, first and foremost, BattleCorps is about the fiction. In that vein, we have begun the new and exciting Proliferation series, exploring the birth of the BattleMech through six novellas. The first in the series, Break-Away, is currently available in its entirety to non-subscribers (along with several other stories), providing an excellent taste of what BattleCorps has to offer. Additionally, for those still unsure of what BattleCorps provides, a simple and easy free walk through presents any BattleTech fan with a concise explanation of what BattleCorps can do for them.


We can't show that much information here, and you've got to see it all for yourself. In addition to visiting BattleCorps itself, you'll want to check out the BattleCorps Walk-Through and a sneak peek at the Break-Away and Prometheus Unbound novellas--including the Proliferation Ad.

You'll find the quality of the site and all the materials their first-class, as you would expect. Take a look; you won't be sorry, and you just may be hooked!


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