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Da Vinci, the First 'Mech Designer?

Most of you have seen Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvianman, although perhaps like me, you weren't familiar with the name of it. Anyhow, it's a study in perfect human proportions and mathematics, which you can read more about here.

What you may not be familiar with, is that fact that about the same time, roughly 1515 AD, Da Vinci actually designed the very first BattleMech! Now, it's very doubtful that he actually built it, as he didn't build most of his creations, but just like the helicopter and tank, his BattleMech was a viable design, extremely advanced for the time, surprisingly similar to those in use over 1,500 years later.

I have obtained a copy of this rare document, and have a copy below, so that you can judge for yourself:

What is really surprising is that discovery of this rare document didn't make the news. Must be a Terran plot to hide trade secrets, right? Anyhow, it apparently was hidden so well, that it delayed design and manufacture of the first BattleMech, the Mackie, for over 1,000 years! Just think how much more advanced 'Mechs would be today, if we had just listened to Leonardo!  ;-)

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Disclaimer: No, Leonardo didn't really draw the picture above; I drew it, based on the artwork of Doug Chaffee, something I've wanted to do for several years. But then, you weren't really taken in, were you? ;-) If you use this picture anywhere, please give credit to Rick Raisley, and link back to this page.

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