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Latest Program Updates
New Weapon BV Calculator
Data Files for all Programs
Artillery Simulator!
Random Unit Selector
Line of Sight Calculator
Battle Value Balancer
Miscellaneous Files

File Center

There is a wealth of information available from the HeavyMetal Software web site. Please check out the various links below to get to them, and just look around; you may find something you didn't know about.

Screen Fix Reset

If your program main screen never appears when run, you can fix it by going to the Screen Fix page.

Program Updates

Download the latest release of your HeavyMetal programs, as well as check what changes have been made in them.

HeavyMetal Map Graphics Files

If you have HeavyMetal Map, you'll definitely want to take a look at the added graphics files made especially for use with it on the HeavyMetal Map Additional Graphics page.

Free Stuff!

Updated Weapon BV Calculator

The Weapon BV Calculator has always been very useful, but now it's been updated to cover even more. All of the possible missile/cluster hits from Total Warfare have been included (like17 and 29), maximum range has been increased to 40, and most important, you can enter separate damage values for Short, Medium and Long Range (for those Heavy Gauss Rifle lookalikes)! The expanded range table shows all the values as before, and you can check calculations the whole way through. Best of all, you can simply save this page to your computer's hard drive, and calculate weapon BV even when you're not connected to the Internet. Be sure to check it out!

ART (Artillery Resolution Tracker)

ART (or ARTy to his friends) is a much-improved artillery planning and resolution program, allowing you to specify the weapon and ammo type for your artillery, select your targets and gunnery skill, and randomly calculate and display damage based on the standard scatter rules from BattleTech. You can even display the damage on standard map sheet graphics, and print out the damage grid, with or without the map sheets. Good for planning artillery barrages for that next game, and give your enemy a real surprise!

Data Files for Programs

Download all the 'Mechs, vehicles, ProtoMechs and more that have been included with HeavyMetal Plus, in addition to later files and corrections. All at not cost, of course, a service to HeavyMetal customers.


A new version of Random Unit Selector (RUS) can now be downloaded, free, and used to "roll" dice, determine hit locations, select 'Mechs and much more. You can even make your own files!

User-Submitted Designs

Download designs made by HeavyMetal users all over the world, as well as upload your own designs.

More Pictures

The extra pictures added by TR:3067 have been made available for download. Although it is normally our policy to not post pictures, due to the huge amount of space they take up, the 3067 designs were released after the original HeavyMetal Plus was released. Adding these pictures brings your older copy of HMPlus up to date with the latest ones.

Miscellaneous Files

More files for your use and enjoyment, like AeroTech2 tables & charts in PDF format and fonts.

Fun Stuff!

Be sure to take a look at the Fun Stuff page, where you'll find a Dice Roller, photos and more. New fun things will be added as available, so please check back.

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