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How quickly will I receive my order?

Two factors determine that:

How quickly are programs shipped?

We are very proud of our promptness in shipping. Normally, all products are on stock, ready for immediate shipment. If not on stock, we will make up an order as required, usually the same day. In any event, we normally ship the next day; okay, the next day that the post office is open.   Orders received by evening, are usually shipped out the following day. Once we deliver to the post office, it's up to the USPS on how quickly you receive your order. We've done our part!

How long does shipping take?

Naturally, that depends on where you live, and how the software is shipped. Programs within the United States will ship by either First Class Mail or Priority Mail. Priority Mail usually takes 2-3 days (so the USPS tells me), while First Class can be closer to a week, but usually less. Due to the elimination by the USPS of First Class Mail International, and the prohibitive cost of shipping Priority Mail International, I am unable to send out any programs except to the United States. I am very sorry about that, but I really have no choice.

 Bear in mind that these are estimates. The actual time can be quicker, and only occasionally much longer. I like to tell the story (well, actually I don't like to) about a package I sent to New York by priority mail. When it hadn't arrived a month later, I sent a second one, also by Priority Mail. They both arrived the very next day!

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