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Here are a few links for BattleTech-related sites that I've found interesting and helpful. Please feel free to email me with others you feel should be listed here as well.

Note: Click on the graphic logo to get more information on each.

Mustang Game Systems Mustang Game Systems

Mustang Game Systems is your go-to place for custom, painted BattleTech, Star Trek and  wargaming miniatures, custom BattleTech terrain, as well as some of the finest (and tiniest!) decals I've seen. Think Airborne shoulder patches for 15 mm figures! Be sure to check out the animal, nose art, regimental numbers, flags and even heat sink decals for use with BattleTech minis.

Classic BattleTech.com

The Official BattleTech site, with lots of graphics, downloads, forums and lots more!

Catalyst Game Labs





Catalyst Game Labs currently produces and markets all BattleTech gaming products, rulebooks and novels.

The Topps Company




The Topps Company currently owns the BattleTech name, and licenses others, such as Catalyst Game Labs and HeavyMetal Software, to produce products related to BattleTech, as well as other products.

Pryde Rock Industries

BattleCorps is a great source for BattleTech fiction and other information. You can even buy yourself a BattleCorps T-shirt!


Medron Pryde's PRI Site, one of the best places for BattleTech downloads

Fighting Pirannha Graphics

Excellent quality BattleTech decals, in a great selection of sizes and logos. The only Authorized decals available for BattleTech

Mordel Blacknight's BattleTech Bay

Downloads, links, and more, but be sure to check out the Bar and Grill (forum)!

Sarna.net BattleTech Archives

Slayer's BattleTech Archives and Forums.


Home of the Mecha Calendar and much more!

Iron Wind Metals

Iron Wind Metals is the successor to Ral Partha, and make all those great Raladium miniatures for our very favorite game. Please support them!

Camo Specs Online

Camo Specs Online is an on-line version of a camo and marking guide, with photos of well-done camo schemes on 'Mechs, for you to browse and get ideas from.

BattleTech Mercenaries

A voluntary non-profitable play by email role-playing game set in the BattleTech Universe of 3074, BattleTech Mercenaries has forums, rules and more.

MechAssault Community

Everything MechAssault and MechWarrior including 'Mech photos and stats, walkthroughs, cheats, forums, chatrooms, and weekly game nights!


Xmarx specializes in scale resin terrain and buildings for tabletop gaming, in 6 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm scales. Check them out - you'll be impressed, and your games will be more fun than ever!

LunarPages Web Hosting

Okay, so LunarPages isn't a BattleTech-related site. But they've been good to me, handling my site and support for it quite well, even helping to set up the forums. And their reliability has been far better than some other BattleTech sites I will not mention. So, if you're in the market for inexpensive (starting at $3.95 a month), quality web hosting, take a look. Oh, and if you browse to them using the picture/link provided, and sign up for a hosting plan, I get a referral payment! ;-)


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