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Miscellaneous Files

Making PDF TRO Booklets

Thanks to Dylan Myers (aka Ralgith t'Mayasara or Erian Hendvarden) for this tutorial on how to use a PDF creation program (he recommends a good one that's free) to make TROs and other booklets of your designs in PDF format. Enjoy, and thanks again, Dylan:

Tutorial: Printing Multi-Page PDFs

AeroTech2 Gameplay PDFs

Thanks to David 'Mac' McCulloch, we have a special download that can assist in game play. Mac's AeroTech2 PDF consists of two pages just filled with most all of the required tables for playing AeroTech2 in a readily available format. The tables include hit location, attack, control roll, turning cost, re-entry, random movement tables and much, much more. This file and its use has been approved by WizKids, so we're not violating any copyrights here. The sheets are especially great for those who are unable to find AeroTech2 to purchase.

AeroTech2 Tables & Charts PDF

Mac has added a second PDF that has the AeroTech2 radar map on it:

AeroTech2 Radar Map PDF

HeavyMetal Font Files

Here are the fonts used for all of the HeavyMetal programs. They are normally installed with the programs, but if you have problems, you can download, unzip and install these. Additional information is given on the FAQ Page.

Fonts Zip File


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