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Mission Statement

It is the mission of RCW Enterprises, and my personal mission in particular, to constantly exceed the expectations of our customers. We will accomplish this by committing our time and our efforts to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of product value. We realize that people can, like ourselves, be impatient, and do our part to help by shipping our products as quickly as possible. We will design, develop, produce and market the very finest possible software for the BattleTech community, and to make sure that software is as full-featured, trouble-free and user-friendly as possible. We appreciate that we are in the unusual position of developing products that we, ourselves, use on a regular basis, yet will endeavor to develop that software for all of the players of BattleTech, always considering that players' requirements and desires.

Further, as service and product support are just as important as the product itself, we will always take great pains to respond to any and all inquiries in a prompt, courteous and complete manner, and to assist BattleTech players in general, and HeavyMetal software users in particular, in any way possible.


Rick Raisley

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