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HeavyMetal Forum Posting Policy

1. These forums are for the support of BattleTech in general, and the HeavyMetal series of programs in particular. Please try to keep to these subjects; there are unlimited sites on the Internet for other subjects.
2. Posts should be made on the appropriate forums, which have been provided for that purpose.
3. Politics and Religion, in particular, are topics not allowed to be discussed on this board.
4. No posting other user's "real world" information without their permission. This includes registered as well as unregistered users.
5. You should not quote emails, private messages or other private correspondence from others, without their knowledge and permission.
6. No SPAM. Commercial messages are prohibited without specific permission of the Administrator, unless they involve BattleTech specifically.
7. Making posts with the goal of raising one's posting rank may result in some (or all) of that user's posts being deleted.
8. Speak to each other in a mature, civil and respectful manner.
9. Avoid "Thread-Jacking". If a topic reminds you of another subject, start a new thread to discuss that subject, rather than high-jacking the thread. No one likes to have their question/topic ignored and changed to another topic. Doing so also makes the topic's title unusable. Posts not related to the topic are subject to being moved, or deleted, without notice. If your thread is being thread-jacked, please ask posters to obey this rule, and if necessary, ask a Moderator to step in.
10. Keep interjections, humorous or otherwise, to a minimum. Yes, we all do it, but it should not become the new topic of conversation. (This includes beer. ;-) If it warrants it, start a new thread.
11. No Personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated.
12. Use of Foul Language will not be tolerated. The language censor is activated; do not attempt to bypass it.
13. Posts that flame individuals, either by name or inference, will not be tolerated.
14. Carrying "flames" from another board to this board may result in the offending poster being banned without warning.
15. Leave problems from other boards on those boards. We have enough here! ;-)
16. You may not post libelous or defamatory messages or materials, or links to such materials. You may not post messages or materials that are obscene, violent, abusive, threatening, or designed to harass or intimidate another person.
17. If you are here just to be confrontational you will be forced to leave, losing your posting privileges.
18. If you post materials from other web sites and/or newsgroups, credit should given whenever possible. If you re-post material from the HeavyMetal site, you are also asked to give credit when appropriate.
19. Posting as another user without that user's permission is strictly prohibited.
20. MechWarrior: Dark Age is a touchy, sometimes volatile subject, but due to the similarities and origin of the game, comparisons and discussions will come up. Please keep discussions limited to topics of general interest here, involving strategy, game play or similar issues. Any posts attacking it will be deleted.
21. The Administrators and their Moderators have the right to delete any message and/or thread for any reason. There may be NO warning and NO explanation as to why. The moderators of the HeavyMetal Forums use their own discretion and judgment in deleting posts. That means even if it's wrong, it's our right, so long as we think our action is necessary to keep the forum clean, tasteful and abiding by these guidelines.
22. Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by participants in discussions are those of the author(s). You rely on such information at your own risk. The Admin/Moderation Team will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message posted in the HeavyMetal Forums.
23. By registering and logging in, you agree to and have accepted these Forum Rules. Please remember, it is a privilege granted to you to post on this board; do not abuse it.
24. Posts simply discussing how many posts they or others have will be deleted. This really is covered by rule 7, as those who post just to raise their post count will also respond to such posts, making a never-ending process that just results in more posts to wade through, with nothing beneficial added to the forums.
25. Emails of forum members are to be used only for contacting them concerning forum topics. No SPAM or other such emails to those persons is allowed. No mass mailing to forum members is permitted, nor may any email lists be made, given or sold. Please report any such abuse to the site administrator. Abusing this rule will result in being banned from the forums.
26. Posts are to be in good taste, that is, they must not offend the average viewer. Posts in poor taste, or those which link to sites that are considering in poor taste, will be deleted. In this case, good and poor taste will have to be at the discretion of the forum moderators.
27. Signatures of forum members should not normally include graphics, especially since such graphics are usually hosted elsewhere, and can slow down viewing by all visitors. An exception to this is the national flags, which can be viewed on the Our Customers page, and for which links have been provided here as well as the similar U.S. state flags.
28. Ranks on the HeavyMetal Software Forums are earned based on the number of posts the member has, and range from a raw Recruit to several General grades. Rank graphics automatically apply to the rank earned. Once a member reaches the rank of Lieutenant General (the first General rank), he/she may request a special rank and avatar or graphic be used in place of the General rank. Graphics for avatar use should be in the size range of 90 x 90 pixels, plus or minus.
29. When quoting another post, please trim the quoted material so that only the applicable material being referenced is included.
30. Avoid multi-level quoting where possible, if your response applies primarily to the latest post, unless doing so makes your intent or answer less clear.
31. Try to ask yourself whether your response adds anything new to a subject or discussion. Stating the same thing again and again gets tiresome and and makes reading and understanding topics more difficult.
32. When posting pictures using the [image] tag, try to keep pictures to no more than 640 pixels wide or so. Remember that many users browse this site with 800x600 resolution, and large pictures which also expand forum text off-screen makes viewing difficult for them. If pictures are in multiples, vertical groupings work better than horizontal.
33. The HeavyMetal forums are not to be used as an advertising medium. If your purpose in joining is to advertise a product or site, please don't waste your time. New members with WWWs which are obviously advertising-related (as opposed to BattleTech-related), or who post links to such sites in signatures or elsewhere, will be considered spammers and will be deleted without warning.
34. In consideration of the fact that the primary purpose of the HeavyMetal forums are to service and support users of HeavyMetal software products, posting files or designs made with programs other than HeavyMetal software is not allowed. That may seem heavy-handed, but this site is not an advertisement for other products; there are lots of other sites for that.

Additional Private Message (PM) Rules:

a. Even when PMing, try to obey the normal forum rules, as this will help prevent problems, and in general apply to private conversations as well public posts.
b. Topics and posts in private messages can wander away from established public standards, provided that both parties agree.
c. PM is never to be used as spam or a way to annoy or attack others. If you are requested to not PM a member, continuing to do so will considered harassment.
d. Any such attacks, or continued unwanted PMing, should be reported to the forum administrator, where action will be taken. While it will be a pain, the SQL database, including private messages, can be searched, and messages read, to confirm or deny any accusations or misuse of the system. And as this  will take some time to do, false alarms and inappropriate posts will be acted upon with vigor!

Thanks to Mordel Blacknight, of Mordel's Bar & Grill, and Warner Doles, of BattleTech for allowing me to borrow some of their excellent forum rules as a basis for the above

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