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How much do the programs cost?

The quickest and easiest way to view the cost of the programs, including shipping, is to choose a method of payment on the Order Software Page (or choose PayPal, Snail Mail or MyCommerce). You don't have to give any credit card or personal information, but once you've chosen a method of payment, you will see a complete price list for all products including shipping. Pricing is also listed below, which gives you a comparison of pricing by the various payment methods:

Method of Payment

The method of payment selected determines the pricing of the programs. Why? Because MyCommerce charges me additonal to use their services, and unfortunately, I have to pass some of that cost on to you. What do you gain my using MyCommerce and paying extra? The ability to download the program immediately.

Prices not including shipping are as follows:
Item Description Payment Method
PayPal or Mail MyCommerce
HeavyMetal Pro $22.00 $27.00
HeavyMetal Vee $22.00 $27.00
HeavyMetal Lite $22.00 $25.00
HeavyMetal Aero $29.00 $35.00
HeavyMetal Battle Armor $29.00 $35.00
HeavyMetal Map $29.00 $37.00
HeavyMetal Plus Full Version $55.00 $66.00
HMPlus Upgrade #1 * $40.00 $48.00
HMPlus Upgrade #2 * $25.00 $30.00
HMPlus Upgrade #3 * $10.00 n.a.


* Upgrades are reduced-price editions of the Full Version, available for those who have previously purchased one or more of HeavyMetal Pro, Vee and Lite. Upgrades and Full Versions are identical, and if you purchase the Full Version, you don't need any Upgrades.

Shipping Type

For purchasers using PayPal only, buyers within the United States have a choice of shipment by First Class ($5) or Priority Mail ($9). Buyers in Canada or Mexico can receive the programs by First Class mail ($8), while those in other parts of the world normally receive them by First Class International ($10). In the case of MyCommerce, purchasers receive only the download, and avoid paying shipping charges altogether.

Note that when ordering by mail or PayPal, you can order multiple products at the same time, reducing shipping costs and saving you money.

Please click on the payment method you would like to use on the Order Software Page to see all program and shipping costs for that method. There's no obligation by just clicking on the link and looking around; you're just window shopping, after all.

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