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Several support methods are available for your use:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many of the same questions just keep popping up again and again, so we've placed them on the site for your use. Even if you don't have a question, you might want to browse through them; users of our software often find information on the programs that they were unaware of, yet hadn't thought to ask the questions.

Program Requirements

The computer hardware and software requirements for all of the HeavyMetal programs are located here.

Things you may not have known...

The HeavyMetal programs have so many features, that while they are all documented, most people don't take the time to search for them. Here's a listing of some features that you may not know about.

HeavyMetal Forums

The HeavyMetal forums are not only a fun place to meet and discuss BattleTech and other topics, but a great place to get tech support and other answers concerning the programs. Naturally, we constantly check the forums, for such questions in particular, and you should get an answer quite quickly. But with the popularity of the forums, you may have several answers from other HeavyMetal software users in addition. But whether you need help or not, please stop by the forums; you won't be sorry!

File Center

At the File Center you'll find a wealth of information, from the latest updates on all the programs, to all the data files from the source books, to Fun Stuff and Free Stuff.

Contact Us

You can contact us by several methods by clicking the above link.

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