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View User-Submitted Images

The following images have been submitted by HeavyMetal users and others visiting this web site. They are not official or sponsored by HeavyMetal Software, but are the responsibility of those uploading the images.

Note: Due to recent mis-use of this page and the ability to anonymously upload images, the upload function has been disabled. I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by images you saw here. If anyone, at anytime, feels that anything on the HeavyMetal web site is inappropriate for family viewing, please contact the Site Administrator.

Note: To provide a controlled photo & graphic upload environment, the Photo Gallery has been added to the HeavyMetal Forums. Only those registered with the forums, and having a valid email address, can upload to the Photo Gallery, so I will be able to help prevent such mis-use in the future.

  • To download an image, click on the link to its left.

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