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User-Submitted 'Mech Designs

(To view designs other than 'Mechs, go to the Vehicle, ProtoMech or AeroSpace page.)

The following 'Mech designs have been submitted by HeavyMetal users and others visiting this web site, and are for use with HeavyMetal Pro. They are not official or sponsored by HeavyMetal Software, but are the responsibility of those uploading the images.

You may download any file by clicking on the filename link.

Note: To Upload an image, go to Data File Upload page.


TitleSubmitted by  Description
Clan/I.S. -
Clan: pather mod
Clan: pather mod
AlaKaraginAnother mech to try out...
AMZ-4N AmazonDiomedeMagistracy of Canopus heavy mech
AMZ-4N1 AmazonDiomedeMagistracy of Canopus heavy mech
AMZ-4N2 AmazonDiomedeMagistracy of Canopus heavy mech
Anaconda PrimaryThe Gangster of BoatsSteel Viper Assault, need I say more?
Angry Little ManGooseI.S. - Gonzo Light Attack 'Mech
Angry Little Man IIGooseI.S. - Sane Light Attack 'Mech
AnubisJames MyersI.S. - Finally, an Anubis that actually looks like the canon artwork and mini!
ARC-4S ArcherMikeManI.S. 3050 Refit of ARC-4m to Steiner specs.
ARCHER-5S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
AS7-R AtlasBurning ChromeI.S. - 3050 FRR refit of the Atlas. Similar but less expensive and more rugged than the AS7-K.
Athos BattleMechDaniel KabrinskiA contest design, 95 ton chassis, star league era (I.S.).
Athos BattleMech (2S)Daniel KabrinskiA contest design, 95 ton chassis, star league era (I.S.).
Atlas IIHellraiserI.S. - Star League era upgrade
Avatar C3iCory ZimmermanI.S. - It a simple modification based on Comstars & the Draconis Combines mutual 'Mech programs. I took four designs that at the time seemed to have the most realistic need and capacity of using ComStars new C3i equipment. Try them and please tell me what you think. coryjzimmerman@hotmail.com
Awesome 10qI.S. - AWS 10Q, AWS 9Q enhanced
AWPrimeAWPrimeCheap DC Assault Omnimech with sword.
AWS10Q correctedgeekI.S. - AWS 10Q
Axeman (McCloud's)Eugene HuntermarkOur in-fighter, likes to get up close and personal. With the C3i network in our lance you can see it's true purpose.
AXM-1G AxmanDracoWaspI.S. - L3 (due to mixed tech); current ride of my "title" character
BattleField Recovery Unit BRU-1Terry FitzSimonsClan/I.S. - Originally deployed in the Star League after they started having problems with the recovery of the 100-ton Atlas class BattleMechs that were dropped in combat/training. The high ground clearance, wide stance of the quad U'Mech made it possible to step over a lot of the downed 'Mechs and use both of the 50-ton lift hoists to get the 'Mech off of the ground and allow a recovery flatbed to slide under the disabled 'Mech, if it could not be done with just one of the lift hoists.
Battlemaster (Delta-Mod Series)"Nightsong" McFaddenI.S.: The Delta Mod Series are equipment testbeds. (Experiments with Level 3 Technology). The Battlemaster Delta-Mod is based on the BLR-1G, to test PPC Capacitors, Hardened Armor and Laser AMS.
Battlemaster-2CHellraiserI.S. - The Starleague/Comstar version with Command Console.
Battlemaster-XTeemoClan/I.S. - Level 3 I.S. Battlemaster, for the X-Mech "competition"
Beheamoth Mk. IIIGooseClan - For the Most Improved Clan Design Contest
BGST-1A Black GhastShadow FiveI.S. - Mainly a speedy recon, not much armor, but a ERML for a little offensive capability.
Black Knight 13CyberdykeComstar/Wob - Maxed out Black Knight Design. Used this in a game against Clan mechs and it and the other customs went very well.
Blaze IIConner SuppleeClan/I.S. - Level 3 Mixed Tech super fast
Blizard Hawk PrimeRon BakerClan. Designed from the Kell Hound and Wolf in exile team to design a mech capable of responed fast to stall or blunt a assault till heavier mech arrive
Blood Kite CYMalakimClan variant of the Blood Kite that uses ATM racks instead of the LRMs.
Blue OxStenIS: A one-time field refit of the GOL-3M Goliath
BNC-5S Mk. II BansheeGooseI.S. - All of the main guns, none of the armor silliness
BNDR-01B BandersnatchLoneWolfeClan/I.S. - Inner Sphere A new variant of the Bandersnatch
BSH-J1 BishopWorktrollI.S. - Lyran Jihad-era assault
BSH-J2 BishopWorktrollI.S. - Lyran Jihad-era assault (obligatory HGR variant)
Bullet BillBradsim99I.S. - Assult mech with Ballistic Weapons (RAC/MGs/CAC)
BV Personified!KrzysztofClan - For HMP Contest #5. Highest BV Lam. 5.5k, baby!
BV Personified! 6052 remixKrzysztofClan - 6k+ version of the BV Personified LAM.
CaesarJames MyersI.S. - Logical Lyran update of the canon Caesar to a less fragile design.
Cardinal CAR-8L_OH MY GOWDDavion_BoyI.S I.C.E design for the #11 designs Contest.
Catapult IICDracoWaspClan - IIC version of the Catapult
Catapult-KX2CyberdykeI.S. Lvl 1, redesign of Catapult for 3025 competition game. 65 tons, 4/6/0, 208 armour, 20 hs, 2 x ppc, 2x med laser
Cerberus(Deathdog)DerekClan/I.S. - A modified version of the Cerberus.It replaces the Gauss Rifles with 2 Wolf's ER PPCs and also replaces the 4 Medium Pulse Lasers with 4 Wolf ER Medium Pulse Lasers.It still has the ASM in the head and replaced the 2 machine guns with 2 light machine guns.
CGR-3A5 ChargerWardenWolfInner Sphere: This is "The thing that should not be." This Charger combines the speed of the old 1A1 with the massive hitting power of the AC20 Chargers, adding to it good ranged capabilities and the devastating damage of TSM. Heavy Gauss Rifle, TSM, moves 6/9 with TSM active.
CH'ENG-HUANG PrimeRyan 'SilverSword' FontanIS: Capellan Omni named for the God of Walls.
CH'ENG-HUANG PrimeRyan 'SilverSword' FontanIS: Capellan Omni named for the God of Walls, CH'ENG-HUANG
CHP-KS2A ChampionCJ_KeysI.S. - This is my Mercenary Unit's Commanders Personal Mech. It replaces the LBX AC with a ER PPC, has 2 ER Medium Lasers in the Center Torso, a Streak SRM 4 and heavier armor.
CicadaJames MyersI.S. - Logcial Marik evolution of the canon Cicada into a fast Narc/TAG spotter.
Clint (Screwball's)Eugene HuntermarkFits well with the theory that the more rounds put in the air the more likely you will hit something. Also works hand in hand with Hawk's Thunderhawk.
COM-3T CommandoMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
COMMANDO-5S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
CP-10-R CyclopsBurning ChromeI.S. - 3050 FRR refit of the Cyclops.
CRB-27-2 CrabWarhammer: 3025I.S. - A logical upgrade of the Star League Crab for the Outworlds Alliance
CricketNightstalkerClan/I.S. - Fast, mobile I.S. Scout/Spotter
CrusaderJames MyersI.S. - A Lyran Reseen Crusader that actually LOOKS like a Crusader!
Cyclops IIHellraiserI.S. - Starleage era Command prototype
Dan KeelerDan Keeler The Light Dragon is a Clan LAM it has twin ER PPC and laser heat sink's also a XXL Engine,improved Jump jet i'm try to enter it in to the LAM contest Thank,s Dan Keeler A.K.A BlackfoxIII
Dan KeelerDan Keeler The Light Dragon is a Clan LAM it has twin ER PPC and laser heat sink's also a XXL Engine,improved Jump jet i'm try to enter it in to the LAM contest Thank,s Dan Keeler A.K.A BlackfoxIII
dasher IIIhohiroClan
Delta-Mod Marauder"Nightsong" McFaddenI.S. - Delta Mod Testbed for Large X-Pulse Lasers, Hardened Armor and Null-Signature System
Delta-Mod Scorpion"Nightsong" McFaddenI.S.: The Delta Mod Series Scorpion, used as a testbed for the Thunderbolt-10 Missile Systems and Heavy Ferrofibrous Armor
Devestator (Prototype)HellraiserI.S. - Starleague prototype
Devil ManJeff (Spider) WebbClan - A good mix of speed (for a 95 tonner) long range striking power, armor and electronics.
Discount DSC-2CobayashimaruI.S. - a pirates personal design, based on a very cheap mech, the discount DSC-1
DKB8-0 Darkblade (Primary)DracoWaspI.S. - Level 2 OmniMech based on the Assassin
Donetredonmy A1Khan Joseph MallanI.S. - A Design I made for High BV ICE Mech. Hope you like
DSC-1 DiscountCobayashimaruI.S. - chéap mech from a pirate-nation of the perifery
Eagle EGL-2M, CorrectedRick RaisleyI.S. - The design supplied with HMPlus did not have the ERML and TAG distributed, so that has been corrected.
EMP-6E EmperorBrendan IbbsI.S. - Level 1 Emperor, designed to support the general background information that the Emperor, a contemporary of the Banshee, in the 3025 era was a mech most likely to be found in 2nd line garrison units, militia, periphery or training academy forces rather than on the front line.
ENFORCER-5D-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
ENFORCER-5D-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Enrique GIG-01Jedi_TremIS ICE Mech for contest 11.
Fallen angelLtRico90278I.S. - Level one Pre-Star League Assualt mech (70T) Made after the Mackie.
Fallen angelLtRico90278I.S. - A variant of the Fallen angel, Less ammo weapons and more heat sinks for a LL.
FerderDavid "godOthunder" RiedlI.S. - Heavy Mech with a LBX/AC20 an all Range ER Laser.
Field MarshalMedron PrydeI.S. - ICE - Assault 'Mech designed and built by Taurians.
FionnbharrMacCarter74Pronounced "finnvar". A Wolf in Exile/Nova Cat joint venture LAM
Firestarter C3iCory ZimmermsnI.S. - It a simple modification based on Comstars & the Draconis Combines mutual 'Mech programs. I took four designs that at the time seemed to have the most realistic need and capacity of using ComStars new C3i equipment. Try them and please tell me what you think. coryjzimmerman@hotmail.com
FlashbackChu-I ThorilsonClan/I.S. - Entry into Contest #5, Max speed of 50 with 2 Heavy Small Lasers and 1 ER Small Laser
Flashback 2Chu-I ThorilsonClan/I.S. - Second Version of the Flashback
Flashman-7KXCyberdykeinnersphere, Flashman redesign, 75 tons, lvl 1, 2x lge laser, 3x med laser, 2x rear med laser, 231 armour, 4/6/0, 23 hs.
Flat FL-1AGooseI.S. - A losing entry for the Highest BV Gasburner contest . . .
Frankstein FKS-7CCavalcantiI.S. - ICE - battlefield heavy modification
FRH-1K FirehawkMalakimI.S. - Basic level 1 trooper heavy mech, has some nice potential for L2 upgrading.
Frostreaver (base config)Malakim85-ton Omnimech used by the Ice Hellions, based on Worktroll's Jenner IIIC. Base Configuration (so easier to modify).
Frostreaver AMalakim85-ton Ice Hellion Omni based on Worktroll's Jenner IIIC (moves 4/6[8]/4). This config has 4 LRM-15s and 2 ER Large Lasers.
Frostreaver BMalakimClan 85-ton Ice Hellion Omni (4/6[8]/4), based on Worktroll's Jenner IIIC. This variant has 2 ER PPCs, an Ultra AC/20, and a Streak SRM-6.
Frostreaver BetaTest2MalakimClan Frostreaver variant. Based loosely on the B, designed for Rick's ultimate BV contest.
Frostreaver BetaTest3MalakimLevel 3 version of the Frostreaver Betatest. Packs a gauss rifle, 2 ER PPCs, and an Angel ECM. Also has Improved Jump Jets, and several fun L3 toys
Frostreaver CMalakim85-ton Clan Ice Hellion Omni (4/6[8]/4) based on Worktroll's Jenner IIIC. This variant config uses 2 ATM-12s and 2 Large Pulse Lasers.
Frostreaver PrimeMalakim85-ton Omnimech used by the Ice Hellions, based on Worktroll's Jenner IIIC. The prime config uses 2 gauss rifles and an ER PPC.
Galahad II-BMike KeeganClan: The Galahad missed the mark when it was first created. This revised version from the design files of the BLB should prove to be an absolute terror of the battlefield.
Gaunlet GAU-3TDavion_Boy100 ton Assault 'Mech Level 1 ......Solaris 7.
Geist GST-4SNightstalkerI.S. - LA Recon, Cavalry and Harrasser. 35 tons.
GJR-1A GrossjagerGrey's ShadowI.S. - Lyran assault scout! Actually a serious and effective design for a skilled player.
Golden TigerCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clam Omni
Golden Tiger ACyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Omni
Golden Tiger BCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Omni
Golden Tiger Bloodname 1 Omni-mechCyberdykeClan 50 ton Omnimech - Maxed out
Golden Tiger Bloodname 2CyberdykeClan 50 ton Omnimech designed for Bloodname Trials.
Golden Tiger CCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Omni
Golden Tiger Omnimech - PulseCyberdykeClan 50 Ton Omni-mech 6/9/6.
Golden Tiger Omnimech Mod DCyberdykeClan Omnimech 50tons 6/9/6 300xl engine. Another of the Dark Tigers designs.
Golden Tiger Omnimech Mod ECyberdykeClan Omnimech 50 tons 6/9/6. Omni variant of Golden Tiger Omnimech used by the Dark Tigers (331st Royal Battlemech Division) The Minnesota Tribe (North American Division). CWIH
Golden Tiger Omnimech Mod HCyberdykeClan 50 ton Omnimech 6/9/6 used by Clan Wolverine in hiding forces, mainly the 175th Strike Regiment (Dark Tigers), 331st Royal Battlemech Division, Minnesota Tribe, Located - Umayyad Outer Colonies/ Veil of Protection.
Golden Tiger Omnimech Mod SCyberdykeClan 50 ton Omnimech 6/9/6. used by 175th strike regiment, 331st Royal Battlemech Division, Minnesota Tribe.
Goliath GOL-2OFeorI.S. - Periphery Actually, level 1(3) ICE Goliath.
Goof Mk. IGooseI.S. - For the Most Expensive Level 3 Contest
Greyhound IILord WolfClan quad speed demon
Greyhound IVLord WolfClan Speed Demon
Greyhound VLord WolfClan Speed Demon
Greyhound VaLord WolfClan
GRF-3T GriffinMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
GRIFFIN-1S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Grizzly IIMikeManClan - Upgrade of the Grizzly second line mech
GRN-1D GrondMalakimI.S. - Basically a "Steiner Annihilator", this refit of the Fafnir is slower but packs more of a punch with PPCs and HGRs.
GrossjagerJames MyersI.S. - Everyone jokes about the Lyrans using assault Mechs as scouts. Well, here ya go...
GRZ-1A GrenzgaengerMcEvedyI.S. Scoutmech
GRZ-1AJ GrenzgaengerMcEvedyI.S. Scoutmech
GRZ-1AV1 GrenzgaengerMcEvedyI.S. Scoutmech (for the 1st Contest)
HaloMvrkMechJockClan - High speed jumper designed for extended reconnaissance in the most mountainous regions or among impossibly tall skyscrapers.
Hare (Hailstone)JeremiahRoseClan - The final design that was actually produced, this quad's stable platform and versatile design, paired with its incredible speed, have made it an intriguing and surprising design.
HarrierGooseI.S. Design for the `Fastest Combat-Worthy' Contest. Guns vs. Speed as a philosophy . . . Chould be called `The Herrier Fast Attack 'Mech' . . .
Harvester AgroMech HRV-99qc mechI.S. - UtilityMech from TRO: Vehicle Annex
Hatchetman HCT-3TMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian Concordat
Hatchetman HCT-5TMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian Concordat
Hawk's Thunder HawkEugene HuntermarkMixed - Assault mech used by our second in command. Built for long range engagements, Support fire, and Mission control. Stealth armor keeps his profile low until he has his shot, or until Screwball lines up that tag for that Arrow IV
HCT-8R HectorDiomedeI.S. 30 ton scout mech
HCT-8R1DiomedeI.S. Long range variant of the HCT-8R
Headhunter HDH-7RTMBI.S. - A flashy little suicide 'mech. If you can find a way to use it, more's the better!
Heatwave HET-W6VAcolyte ThetaComstar Urban Pacification and Riot Control Mech.
HellbenderJames MyersI.S. - Logical Lyran evolution of the canon Salamander into a much less fragile design.
Hellbringer HAGDmitryAlternative configuration of a Hellbringer omnimech (Clan) with HAG (see Total Warfare for game stats).
HOP-5F HopliteGooseI.S. - For the Most Improved I.S. Design Contest
Howling Death Alternate Configuration EKrzysztofClan – Older OmniMech variant of mine, uploaded for HMP Contest 3.
HTH-CK4 HathcockDracoWaspI.S. - Stealth armor equipped sniper
Hummingbird (Hailstorm)JeremiahRoseClan speed demon, lances of these have been designed to flank enemy forces and hunt down infantry. They have yet to be produced.
Huntermark's SagittaireEugene HuntermarkMixed - My personal Mech in our Merc unit. It will look like a typical Sagittaire but has improved jump jets and a C3i system networked to the rest of the lance.
HuscarlWardenWolfClan: Clan Coyote second-line mech with a nasty punch. This mech absolutely STRIPS armor, across the whole of the target. It's brutal, and fast (4/6). ATMs, heavy lasers, and twin ER Large Lasers. Think of it like a Savage Coyote on steroids.
Hussar HSR 950-DMajor_TakahashiI.S. - Winner of the Contest #9 Most Improved Inner Sphere BattleMech competition on the HeavyMetal Forums.
Hydra HDR-1AHellraiserI.S. - 2550 - Pre Starleague 100 Ton Assault Mech
Hydra HDR-1BHellraiserI.S. - 2550 - Pre Star League 100 Ton Mech
ICE Archer 3060Wolverine McEvedyICE Contest
ICE BV IS 30KLeon ShirowI.S.Lvl 3 - Rather odd design that mounts a Gauss Rifle and should not have to worry about ammo :)
ICE BV IS 30KA5Leon ShirowI.S.Lvl 3 - another odd design for those paranoid about being hit from behind with missiles (for one turn anyway)
ICE Warhammer II 3067Wolverine McEvedyICE Contest
Iced MarauderHR Wolf PackInner sphere ICE Assualt Mech
Icy Rifler IR-AAzura's StarI.S. - Entry for the "Highest BV I.C.E Assault Mech" contest.
Icy Rifler IR-BAzura's StarI.S. - Another submission for the Highest BV I.C.E Assault Mech contest. More likely to win Most Artificially Inflated Battle Value Ever.
Icy Rifler IR-BAzura's StarI.S. - Another entry in the Highest BV I.C.E Assault Mech contest. More likely to win Most Lamely Inflated BV Ever.
Icy Rifler IR-BAzura's StarI.S. - Another entry in the Highest BV I.C.E Assault Mech contest. More likely to win Lamest BV Inflation Ever.
ImpTom KnottsI.S. redesign of 100 ton Imp non Wolf's Dragoons
ImpenetrableKenahkClan - Quite effective zombie mech, all locations filled, arm and torso mounted weapons, no XL, ECM mounted, BV of 2852 and a cost around 8.500.000
Jenny's Baby (modified Jenner)Eugene HuntermarkUsed by our own Merc unit from our Mechwarrior Campaign. Experimental self-designed enginr with MASC make the mech extreamly agile. The NSS, glazed armour, and speed make it a very hard target. Used to run though a defensive line and strike behind the lines.
Jimmy scout OmnimechCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan 10 ton, Lvl 3, 2 ER Med, 9/14(18)/0, 29 FF armour, xxl 90 engine, BV 612
JumboKaraginInteresting mech for any time period.
King Crab IIHellraiserI.S. - Starleague era prototype mod to replace the aging Atlas
King Crab KGC-007Scott VasquezI.S. Improvement on King Crab KGC-001 design.
King Crab KGC-007Scott VasquezI.S. Improvement on King Crab KGC-001 design.
King Crab KGC-007Scott VasquezI.S. Improvement on King Crab KGC-001 design.
Lamorack LAM 17-E3Mindar76Clan/I.S. - I.S., pre Star League Contest
Lamorak LAM 17-F7Mindar76Clan/I.S. - I.S. pre Star League contest
LB-JK1 LumberjackDracoWaspI.S. OmniMech based on the Axman
LCT-1P Gooney BirdMalakimI.S. - Winner of Brigoon's Locust+PPC contest, L1 variant. Think the Urbanmech's little brother.
LCT-3P Gooney BirdMalakimI.S. 3050 version of the Gooney Bird Locust. This one is probably the best IS version of the three.
LCT-5P Gooney BirdMalakimI.S. - L2 3067 version of the Gooney Bird PPC-Locust. Slower, but it packs a TC for the ER PPC.
LeSabreMichael 'MRex21' ZabkarWord of Blake design to supplement the Vanquisher. Extensively playtested and very balanced. Was used in Herb Beas' 'Alternate Sphere' RPG. Give it a go!
LeSabreMichael 'M-Rex' ZabkarAlternate configuration of LeSabre.
LG-7AW/ED Lei-GongDave BaughmanI.S. - One of the reasons the LG-7XR was so rare was that refits to the configuration were gradually shifted to a somewhat more efficient design, known as the AW/ED (Alternate Weapons / Enhanced Defense). The AW/ED redesigned the central ammunition feed significantly lengthen the right torso ammo cannister for the antimissile system. At the same time, the left arm gauss slug bin was removed.
LG-7AWD Lei-GongDave BaughmanI.S. - Another common variant is the LG-7AWD ("Alternate Weapons Distribution") model, which is created with a kit distributed by Ceres Metals. The AWD is intended to redress a problem with one delivery batch of the Lei-Gong, which had defective CASE panels in the left torso. The kit moves the weapon systems into a new (safe) configuration.
LG-7AWD-C Lei-GongDave BaughmanI.S. - Another common variant is the LG-7AWD ("Alternate Weapons Distribution") model, which is created with a kit distributed by Ceres Metals. From time to time, C3 versions of the Lei-Gong also appeared, though these were generally restricted to machines that were 'drafted' into front-line formations to replace battle losses.
LG-7L Lei GongDave BaughmanI.S. - The Lei-Going (Thunder Dragon) appears to be a design that appeared in the Capellan military during the initial years of the Word of Blake Jihad. The Lei-Gong appears to be based around a heavily redesigned Atlas chassis, using an inexpensive turbine engine rather than the common fusion plant. This factor makes the Lei-Gong something of an anachronism amongst modern military forces, but records seem to indicate the design was fairly successful.
LG-7L Lei-Gong (Ronald Miller's customized version)Dave BaughmanI.S. - Miller was a civilian engineer before he was pressed into service during the Jihad. Assigned to pilot one of his militia unit's Lei-Gongs, he suggested several modifications to increase the survivability of his machine. By carefully rewiring the main myomer chains, he was able to protect the leg-mounted AMS ammunition stores in the torso CASE.
LG-7XD Lei Gong (Extended Duration type)Dave BaughmanI.S. - One common variant [of the Lei-Gong] is the so-called LG-7XD ("eXtended Duration") version, which replaces two tons of AMS ammunition with two tons of Gauss ammunition. The additional ammunition feed equipment requires some extra time to install, but overall the XD type is reportedly an easy variant to create.
LG-7XR-C Lei-Gong (Ian Sung)Dave BaughmanI.S. - Sung, a 'mech lance commander with MacCarron's Armored Cavalry, operated a modified LG-7XR-C type Lei-Gong. Sung managed to simultaneously win widespread praise for his high kill tally against the Blakists and scorn for his overuse of ammunition. After several battles where he expended all of his ammunition, the technicians noted that they were running low on gauss slugs entirely and quietly removed one of Sung's ammo bins, thinking this would over time result in much greater available munitions for the rest of the unit.
LG-7ZA Lei-GongDave BaughmanI.S. - Towards the end of the Jihad, a significant number of late-batch Lei-Gongs were converted to a new configuration that reduced the number of mounted rocket launchers. The LG-7Z version mounted better close-in defenses then any of the previous versions. The ammunition placement of the -7Z, however, proved unacceptable to many pilots, and Ceres Metals soon began distributing a new kit similar to the old AWD type.
LG-7ZV Lei GongDave BaughmanI.S. - Around the same time the LG-7ZA appeared, a refit kit was issued for existing LG-7XR models which closely aped the -7ZA configuration. The only significant difference between the two designs is the smaller Gauss ammo bin and the presence of the triple Voelkers turret on the left rear torso.
LG-8L Lei GongDave BaughmanI.S. - It is rumored that a fusion-powered version [of the LG-7L Lei Gong], with a higher landspeed and stealth armor exists, but these reports have not been confirmed. Given the "budget" nature of the Lei-Gong, it seems unlikely this design would be slated for such an upgrade, but of course very little can be taken for granted with the Capellans (who are famous across the Sphere for their skill at misdirection and 'maskirovka')
Locust 1BGBig GuidoI.S. - Draconis Combine/Merc design using a PPC
Locust 2-BMike KeeganClan: The Locust 2-C was a cute attempt. But from the design files of Barchetta's Lightning Brigade comes a variant that is sure to please...
Locust 2BGBig GuidoI.S. - 3050 version, lvl 2 of the PPC Locust variant
Locust 2TMedron PrydeI.S. - Taurian 3058 Locust
Locust 3BGBig GuidoI.S. - 3055 variant of the PPC locust
Locust 3TMedron PrydeI.S. - Taurian 3058 Locust
Locust 4BGBig GuidoClan - Clan version of the PPC, this one flies
Locust IIC JF2 (Gooney Bird)MalakimClan IIC version of the Gooney Bird. Very nasty as it combines the best of -3P and -5P IS variants.
LOCUST-3S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Long Ranger RNG-2LNGCenturion HywsRanger RNG-1 variant
LST-3RT Last RitesDoug GlendowerI.S. - 100 ton assault 'Mech, MHI Aberystwyth
Mach 1Jeff "Spider" WebbClan - Fast 20 ton Mech with hiting power, without the weakness of an XXL engine.
Mach 2Jeff "Spider" WebbClan - A 25 ton Mech that is a little slower that the Mach 1, but with more armor, more fire power and a targeting computer.
Mad Cat MK IV{Mech Destroyer}sithlordClan/I.S. - this is a hybred of both tech.the performance of the clan the firepower of the I.S.
Mad MedicEugene HuntermarkNot the type of Gauss you want if you are wounded LOL
MAD-10K MarauderDmitryKuritan version of Marauder equipped with H-PPCs.
MAD-4T MarauderMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
MAD-4X Marauder IIXKrzysztofI.S. – Just a silly Level 3 Marauder done up in the "X" style of the Zeus X from Maximum Tech.
MAD-5TC MarauderMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
MAD-6A Marauder IIWardenWolfInner Sphere proposed Marauder II upgrade from the MAD-5A that will appeal to die-hard oldschool players. All the legendary durability of the MAD-4A with the massive upgrades made possible by Tech2. This follows nicely on the hinted future upgrade in the MAD-5A's fluff. No more LB-10X and XL engine. This thing's packing Gauss, and a Standard Engine.
Madcat MK II(Cityfighter)DerekClan--This mech was specially designed to fight in Urban areas.Armed with 2 Large Pulse Lasers,2 Medium Pulse Lasers,2 Heavy Heavy Medium Lasers,2 ER Medium Laser,1 Narc Missle Beacon and 4 SRM-6s your mech will be in a world of hurt when you come against this guy.If you have any comment you can e-mail me at JDFalcon37@aol.com
MarauderJames MyersI.S. - A straightforward 3050 update of the canon MAD-3M Marauder.
Marauder 100 MAD 30KA1Leon ShirowMixed Tech Assault Mech
Marauder 100A2 MAD 30KLeon ShirowLevel 3 Mixed Tech Marauder
Marauder 90 MAD 90 IS 30KLeon ShirowI.S. Level 3 Assault Marauder
Marauder Gray DeathTom BarnardMaxed out design in Honor of Grayson Death Carlisle. Just re-read Thunder Rift and felt a bit nostalgic. Among the many evil things the Jihad brings, may it bring back the good Gray Death.
Marauder MAD-9M3DmitryI.S., Marik Marauder modification with 4 snub-nose PPCs and jump jets.
MARAUDER-5D-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
MaulerJames MyersI.S. - A Wobbly version of the canon Mauler.
MECHSMASHER MSR-1KBGE.hmpBrynley EvansClan/I.S. - a new assault mech
MjollnirHR Wolf PackInner Sphere Heavy Mech. Mostly level 1 Tech.
Mongoose Quad Totem MechCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Totem Mech
Monster AMajor TakahashiI.S. - Highest Battle Value Level 2 'Mech
Monster Truck PullLeon ShirowMixed Level 3 high cost design entry
Monster Truck PullLeon ShirowMixed Level 3 this time with no armour!
MonstrosityjsClan/I.S. - for Design Contest 11
Monstrosity 2jsI.S. - also for Design Contest 11, but pure IS tech
Mountain LightningBtbillI.S. level 1 design under 7.5M c-bills
Mountain ThunderBtbillI.S. level 1 design inder 7.5M c-bills
MSK-6S-2StenIS refit of the Grandpappy of the all. Enjoy as there is plent of fluff.
MST-4DRG Mist DragonDracoWaspI.S. - Stealth armor equipped harasser
Night Tiger Omnimech Prime varCyberdykeClan Dark Tiger's heavy omni-mech - 60 tons Xtra head armour standard, all energy weapons
NightfallBlackstarClan LAm for contest
NTF-S3 NightfallBlackstarClan Lam for contest
Nunnehi AmalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
Nunnehi BmalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
Nunnehi Base ConfigurationmalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
Nunnehi CmalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
Nunnehi DmalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
Nunnehi PrimemalakimClan L2 Med Omni, used by Clan Coyote
OG-2R Ogre"Nightsong" McFaddenI.S. - Kaotaris Weaponworks Heavy Design focusing on Close-in combat, including Triple Strength Myomer and a hatchet, backed up by a Rotary Autocannon and several lasers.
OGR-2X OgreWarhammer: 3025I.S. - The largest war machine ever to stride a battlefield, the Ogre is a pinnacle of fearsomeness and function
OstscoutJames MyersI.S. - A Kuritan version of the Reseen Ostscout.
PanzerDerekClan/I.S. - This mech is able to deal heavy amounts of damage at close and at medium ranges.the only thing it lacks is spead.
Penetrator Mk2Paul RobertsClan - What the Penetrator should have been.
Penetrator PTR-6DLarry "Highball" LeslieIS upgrade of the famous Penetrator!!!!
Phalanx-1ACyberdykeInner-Sphere Lvl 1, 70 tons, 217 armour, 4/6/4, 22 hs, ppc, 4x med laser. good design 3025 competition game.
Phalanx-2DCyberdykeI.S. Fedsuns, 3060 Phalanx upgrade, 70 tons, tgt computer, C3I, 2 x er ppc, 2x er med, tsm, 14 d/hs, 217 armour, 4[5]/6[8]/4
Phalanx-3SCyberdykeSteiner 3060 upgrade of Phalanx, 70 tons, 5/8/5, tsm, light engine, 3x med pulse, er ppc, 14 d/hs, 217 armour, 5[6]/8[9]/5, bv - 1,579
PhoenixarrowDerekClan/I.S. - Armed with two Wolf ER Medium Pulse Lasers,1 Wolf Large ER Pulse Laser plus 4 ER Medium Lasers and Improved NARC system.It also has Wolf's Watchdog ECM and a Bloodhound Probe.With a speed of 5/8 with the supercharger and MASC system its one of the fastest heavy mechs out there.
PlanetslayerAWPrimeI.S. - ICE Assault Mech
Planetslayer 2BAWPrimeI.S. - ICE Assault Mech
Planetslayer 2CAWPrimeI.S. - ICE Assault mech
PlanetsplayerAWPrimeI.S. - Periphery ICE Assault Mech
PNT-11N PantherGooseI.S. - For the Most Improved Inner Sphere BattleMech Contest 9
PorquepineCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan, Lvl 3, secondline, 70 ton, 4/6/0, 16/32 HS, 2x Strk LRM 15, ecm, 2x er large, 217 FF armour, standard engine
Prancer AMalakimClan Omnimech for Rick's Speedy contest (uses a single Heavy Large Laser)
Prancer BMalakimClan Omnimech for Rick's Speedy Contest - Anti-infantry and city fighting config
Prancer CMalakimClan Omnimech for Rick's Speedy contest - LRM variant
Prancer DMalakimClan Omnimech for Rick's speedy contest - Targeting computer variant
Prancer III AMalakimLevel 3 version of the Prancer A for Rick's second speedy contest.
Prancer III BMalakimClan Speedy L3 Omni for Rick's second design contest.
Prancer III CMalakimClan L3 Omni version of the Prancer C.
Prancer III DMalakimClan L3 version of the Prancer D. All the configs mirror the original Prancer for the most part.
Prancer III PrimeMalakimClan L3 Omni version of the Prancer for Rick's second contest. Woosh!
Prancer PrimeMalakimClan Omnimech for Rick's speedy contest. Basically a bouncier version of the Dasher. (Prime config - 4 ER med lasers)
PRD-6D PredatorXedis PrydeFederated Suns pre-Star League design
PRL-1R ProwlerBrendan IbbsClan/I.S. - 3025 era 40 ton urban defense mech
Pyl PL-01Cat228I.S. - lvl 1 fire support <6mil c-bills for mercenary/militia use.
QS-MD-0 Quasimodo (Primary)DracoWaspI.S. Level 2 OmniMech based on the Hunchback
Quad Command QCD 30KLeon ShirowMixed tech Command Mech
RangerCenturion HywsI.S. Pre Srar League Design
Ranger RNG-1Centurion HywsClan/I.S. -
Ranger RNG-1Centurion HywsPre-Star League design
Raven RVN-1XTTI.S. - This is another approach to the original RVN-1X using the custom weapons editor for adding the ECM with the original stats. As there are no rules for this kind of equip. (= waste of weight and space) it should be considered as Rules Level 1. Suggestions for rules for the ECM are given in the notes section also, but then it should be used as Level 3. Enjoy.
Raven RVN-1X fixDevon MontoyaI.S. - Modification of fluff text and layout based on House Liao sourcebook. Revamp of mech already included with HMPro
RC-1 RecluseLarry "Highball" LeslieA rare Clan quad Mech designed for hit and run raiding
Red KnightDerekUsing an Marauder II Chassis as a testbed the Red Knight came into being.
Redneck H2AWPrimeI.S. - ICE Assault Mech - Used by Marian Hegemony.
Redneck RN-H1AWPrimeI.S. - ICE Assault mech.
Rifleman II - Legend KillerHellraiserIS/Starleague Rifleman Revamp
RNG-1 RangerCenturion HywsI.S. - This is my first attempt at submitting a design. The Ranger is a Terran Hegemony, early Star League scout/raider
Rock SpiderBradsim99I.S. - A Small Quad Mech (ERSL/REML)
Roman Candle MK2Major TakahashiI.S. - Highest Battle Value Level 1 Mech
Running Man (Glowstick Edition)KrzysztofMixed - For HMP Contest #4. :) 6,007 BV.
RVN-101L Raven LAMBahamut ZERO3050 upgrade of the RVN-98L
RVN-98L Raven LAMBahamut ZEROThis is a universe where LAMS rule the skies. This is an IS design. House origin: Liao
RVN-99M Raven LAMBahamut ZEROThis variant belongs to House Marik
Sabretooth PrimeCyberdykeClan Dark Tiger - 95 ton Omnimech. Xtra Head armour & lvl 3 tech weapons
Sagittaire (Huntermark's)Eugene HuntermarkMy personal Battlemech used in our Battletech campaign. Its the lance leader and the only assault mech in the group
Sagittaire (Huntermark's)Eugene HuntermarkMy personal Battlemech used in our Battletech campaign. Its the lance leader and the only assault mech in the group
Sand Crab SCB-21Mohammed As`Zaman BeyI.S. - 2750 25 ton Level 2
Sand Crab SCB-21LMohammed As`Zaman BeyI.S. - 2750 25 ton Level 2
Savage Tiger A variantCyberdyke (Aussie chick)Clan Dark Tiger 100 ton omnimech. standard engine, tgt comp, 3/5/3 , 18/36 HS, CsaeII in LT & LA new weapon design Rotary AC20 Hyper Velocity), Angel ECM, Armoured Cowl Hot Mech, but very deadly. info on Rotary HV auto cannon - uses rotating AC with timed Jet burst in ammo to boost range to 15 hexes. causes 2x damage if ammo hit, weap jams on roll of 2 can fire upto 6 salvos like a standard rotary, AC Ammo expensive.
Savage Tiger PrimeCyberdykeClan Dark Tiger - 100 ton omnimech. Xtra head ARMOUR, incl a STRK LRM 20, nasty mech design.
Sentinel STN-GATGoodTeletubbyI.S. - Sentinel mounting Stealth armor, a RAC/5, and Med Pulse Laser
Shootist ST-8ATTom KnottsI.S. redesign of Comstar's Shootist Mech
SHR-3K ShrikePanzerfaust 150I.S. - Very fast mech for Fastest Battle Worthy Level 2 Contest
SHR-3K ShrikePanzerfaust 150I.S. - Very fast mech for Fastest Battle Worthy Level 2 Contest
ShugenjaJames MyersI.S. - A logical Kuritan update to the canon Shugenja.
Si Ming SMG-001NightstalkerI/S: Cappellen copy of the King Crab.
Silly BastichRyan 'SilverSword' FontanClan L3 design submitted for contest #8. Submission #4
Soldier MechGeorge StewartClan: 9 Clan Mdm Pulse Lasers and a Targeting Computer. 19 Double Heatsinks and a 5/8 move with Max Armor. What more is there to say?
Sovereign XLarry "Highball" LeslieAdded the awesome Angel ECM to the design for even better protection from Electronic Warfare!
Sovereign X AlphaLarry "Highball" LeslieHere she comes!!! BV Madness!
SoverignLarry "Highball" LeslieA Clan design that will punish any lance that dares challenge her!
Speed Demon IIDiscordClan ultralight fast mech
SpeedDemonDiscordA Clan ultra light mech for the second contest.
Speeding JesusKrzysztofI.S. – Designed for the first ever HMP Contest!
Speeding Jesus IIKrzysztofI.S. – Speeding Jesus Level 3 remix for Contest #2.
Spirit Wolf BaseEladriusMixed primarily clan
Spirit Wolf PrimeClan/I.S. -
Sprint IICMalakimClan design for Rick's Speedy Mech contest. Basically a Heavy ML with an XXL engine, supercharger, MASC, and legs. :)
Spying SpiderBradsim99I.S. - A small Steath recon mech (Quad type)
SRM - CarrierLord CrunchI.S. - assault quad mech lvl2,
StarfallFerroClan/I.S. - My attempt at an above average multi-role mech with a balance of beam, ballistic, and missile weapons.
Stealth STH-2DLarry "Highball" LeslieIS upgrade of the famous Stealth
STG-4T StingerMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat 3035 upgrade of the Stinger.
STG-6T StingerMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Stingray LAMLarry "Highball" LeslieUber High BV Clan LAM
Stingray Mk IILarry "Highball" Leslie5,453 BV MunchMachine!
Stingray Mk XLarry "Highball" LeslieMy Stab at the Highest BV
STK-3R StalkerBurning ChromeI.S. - 3050 FRR refit of the Stalker.
Stone Rhino (Behemoth) IIDGuitarEQClan Stone Rhino using every trick in the book w/good weapons (not just one type of weapon).
Stone Rhino 10max (SkullRhino)FlashhawkClan Design for the Max-BV-Lvl3 Contest! A Stone Rhino with 4.225 BV-Points!!
Stone Rhino 2KhanJosephMallinClan - Winner of Contest #10, Most Improved Clan BattleMech
Summoner III PrimeAWPrimeClan Jade Falcon - Training Mech
Summoner III (base)AWPrimeClan Jade Falcon - Training OmniMech
Summoner III AAWPrimeClan Jade Falcon - Training Omnimech
Summoner III BAWPrimeClan Jade Falcon - Training Omnimech
Summoner III CAWPrimeClan Jade Falcon - Training Omnimech
Sunder C3iCory ZimmermanI.S. - It a simple modification based on Comstars & the Draconis Combines mutual 'Mech programs. I took four designs that at the time seemed to have the most realistic need and capacity of using ComStars new C3i equipment. Try them and please tell me what you think. coryjzimmerman@hotmail.com
Sunfire IIClan - Yet another contest submission this one's for highest BV for LVL 2 'Mechs
Sunstroke II LAMSten [aka Steelfang]Clan: For Rick's LAM contest
Sunstroke LAMSten [aka Steelfang]Clan - LAM for Rick's High BV Contest
Super-Griffin GRF-2NTTI.S. - Official Prototype design from scenario book 'Tales o/t black Widow'. Due to beeing an official FASA design it could be Level 1 but should be used as Level 3. Year is 3025.
SwitchbladeMike "Lobo" RamirezClan - Designed by Clan Sea Fox in the beginnings of the 32nd centruy as a companion to their popular Solitare mech, the Switchblade trades in some tonnage, armor and firepower for greatly increased speed that freys the nerves of those who pilot it and more importantly, those who try to target it.
Swooosh!jsClan & I.S. - mostly Clan, absurdly fast. For the fastest L3 'Mech contest.
Talos TLS-3RBahamut ZEROPre-Star League
TeleporterMark CharkeThe old Star League grandfather of the Dasher, discontinued in the Inner Sphere because of a very public accident but used by the early clans.
TeleporterMark CharkeThe old Star League grandfather of the Dasher, discontinued in the Inner Sphere because of a very public accident but used by the early clans.
The PotSmokerChu-I ThorilsonClan/I.S. - 90 Ton Late Entry to the "Level 3 Most Expensive 'Mech" contest, and proof of a bug involving the SR-DFM6 and mixed tech mode.
Theseus THS1-ODmiClan/I.S. -
Theseus THS1-O (base)DmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech - base
Theseus THS1-OADmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech
Theseus THS1-OBDmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech
Theseus THS1-OCDmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech
Theseus THS1-ODDmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech
Theseus THS1-OEDmitryI.S. (FWL) medium omnimech
Thorn IIEKalabamClan update of the THE-N
Throatripper LAMChu-I ThorilsonClan/I.S. - High-power LAM
Thunder Hawk (Hawk's)Eugene HuntermarkOur lance's Second in command heavymech. Used for mission control and heavy support fire.
Thunder Hawk DBigredmixed tech but IS base that stil retains the original design principle of 3 Gauss Rifles.
ThunderboltJames MyersI.S. - A Lyran version of the Reseen T-Bolt, based on the 3025 TDR-5SS model.
ThunderboltJames MyersI.S. - A Kuritan version of the Reseen Thunderbolt.
ThunderclapLeon ShirowI.S. Level 3 ICE Engined Mech
ThunderhammerCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan secondline 75tons 4/6/4, good armour, good weapons, great for command mech clan secondline cluster.
Thunerhawk I.C.E.DmitryI.S. (3rd level - with I.C.E. engine)
TinderboxNewchemicals3025 IS
TorchMark CharkeA Star League scout mech produced using defective materials and sold off in a profitable scandal. Repairs resulted in an effective scout mech.
Tristan TRI-1NDavion_BoyI.S - Star League contest entry.
Tristan TRI-2NDavion_BoyI.S - Star League contest entry variant.
TRQ-2E TarasqueSleeping DragonI.S. - assault mech
Turbo MosquitoMidnightClan Mech - superfast, annoying little bugmech
Urban King UBK 30KLeon ShirowMixed Tech Level 3 Battlemech, BV 8131 Probably not a design you would want to take into battle :)
Urbanmech UM 30K A2Leon ShirowI.S. Level 3 version of the humble Urbanmech
Ursa Major PMalakimClan LAM for Rick's contest. 55 tons, uses 2 ER PPCs and a Streak SRM-6
VALKYRIE-QD-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
VICTOR-9K-X39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
VICTOR-9K-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Viking VKG-2(C3i)Cory ZimmermanI.S. - It a simple modification based on Comstars & the Draconis Combines mutual 'Mech programs. I took four designs that at the time seemed to have the most realistic need and capacity of using ComStars new C3i equipment. Try them and please tell me what you think. coryjzimmerman@hotmail.com
Vindicator VND-3LTTom Knottsmy version of the Capellan's Vindicator
ViperScott CantuClan Assualt Mech Designed for Extended Battles.
VixenDerekClan/I.S. - Heavier verson of the older Vixen
VULCAN-5S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Vulture(Condor)DerekClan/I.S. - This is a heavier version of the Vulture armed with 2 Wolf ER Medium Pulse Lasers and 2 ER Larger Pulse Lasers combined with 2 ER Meduim Lasers and 2 LRM-10w/Artemis IV and 2 tons of ammo for each launcher.JDFalcon37@aol.com for any comments about it or changes that need to be done.
War BV W 20KLeon ShirowClan Assault Mech
War BVC WAR 30KLeon ShirowClan Level 3 Assault Mech
War WolfCaleb Milligan aka "RhyshA Clan mech of efficiancy. Not with the tremendous weapon loads of some mechs of heavier weight. Able to dish out its damage while reducing the chance of being damaged through excellent mobility and high armor for weight. Built as a cost effective counter to heavy models.
War Wolf AC. Milligan aka "RhyshaelHeavy mech with an artillary twist.
WARBOWHellraiserIS - C3M Command Mech
Warbow-58EHellraiserI.S. - 3058 C3M 70 Tonner
Wardog WR-DG-01WDLtRico90278IS Level one design of the Wardog.
Warg (base)WeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg AWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg AIVWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg BWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg CWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg DWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg EWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg HWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg PrimeWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warg SWeaselClan Wolf Gargoyle upgrade
Warhammer BVC WHR BV LAM 30KLeon ShirowClan LAM with two ERPPCs
Warhammer BVM WHR BVM LAM 30KLeon ShirowMixed tech LAM Bit of a death trap :) but it has a high BV
Warhammer BVM WHR LAM 30KLeon ShirowMixed tech LAM
Wasp 2TMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian 3044 Wasp
Wasp 3PMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian 3060 Wasp
Wasp 3TMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian 3058 Wasp
WFH-4R Wolf HunterMalakimI.S. - Mobile 5/8 Heavy mech built around the HGR, also has good backup weapons (ER LL and 2 ER MLs), and decent armor.
WhippetLord WolfClan. -
WHM-7RMikeManI.S. - L2 refit of the WHM-6R
WHM-8M WarhammerDmitryMarik version of Warhammer equipped with H-PPCs.
Whooosh!jsClan - a ridiculously fast (and correspondingly expensive) lightweight
Wiley CoyoteEladriusClan/I.S. - Clan Second line Omni
Wiley Coyote (base)EladriusClan/I.S. - Clan Second line Omni base config
Will-O-WhispMike "Lobo" RamirezClan - Submission for Design Contest 2
Winter Wolf (Primary)DracoWaspClan - Level 2 OmniMech; bigger brother of the Timber Wolf
Wolf SpiderCat228I.S. - 35 tn 2750 for design contest
Wolf Spider - SRMCat228I.S. - 35 tn 2750 for design contest
WOLFHOUND-2-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version
Wolverine IIHellraiserI.S. - Starleague era prototype heavy mech
Wolverine Quad Totem MechCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Quad Totem Mech
Wyvern LAMFerroClan - My first attempt at a LAM, it's basically a huge Wyvern upgrade! (duh...)
ZEUS-9S-x39HellraiserI.S. - 3039 Prototype of 3050 TRO version

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