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User-Submitted ProtoMech Designs

(To view designs other than ProtoMechs, go to the 'Mech, Vehicle or AeroSpace page.)

The following ProtoMech designs have been submitted by HeavyMetal users and others visiting this web site, and are for use with HeavyMetal Lite. They are not official or sponsored by HeavyMetal Software, but are the responsibility of those uploading the images.

You may download any file by clicking on the filename link.

Note: To Upload an image, go to Data File Upload page.


TitleSubmitted by  Description
DasherBradsim99Clan - A Swift and Deadly Raider (HMG/LRM)
Ettin ProtomechCyberdykeClan/I.S. - 7 ton clan proto, er med laser, 5/8/5, 31 armour, BV 284
LRM AttackerBradsim99Clan - A Siege Protomech with lots of ammo (LRMs)
Mass BlastBradsim99Clan - A Good General Purpose Protomech (MG/SRMs/LRMs/Probe)
Slyph 1CyberdykeClan/I.S. - clan 9ton proto, 3/5/3, BV 340, LRM 15, ammo 12, 36 armour
sprite 1cyberdykeClan/I.S. - 5 ton clan proto, 6/9/6, er micro, lrm3, 14 ammo, 25 armour, BV 151
StirgeDaecegClan/I.S. - fast, max armor, and twin ER Smalls...not bad for 9 tons!

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