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User-Submitted Vehicle Designs

(To view designs other than Vehicles, go to the 'Mechs, ProtoMechs or AeroSpace page.)

The following Vehicle designs have been submitted by HeavyMetal users and others visiting this web site, and are for use with HeavyMetal Vee. They are not official or sponsored by HeavyMetal Software, but are the responsibility of those uploading the images.

You may download any file by clicking on the filename link.

Note: To Upload an image, go to Data File Upload page.


TitleSubmitted by  Description
AH-6 Little BirdTI.S. - A lightweight attack helicopter
AH-6 Little BirdTeemoI.S. - A lightweight attack helicopter
AirwolfHellraiserIS L1 Vtol Gunship
Arrow IV CarrierSmoke JaguarSiege vehicle for those that to pound there enemies into submission.
Assault APCRavi "Geek" MohanIS 90 tonne tracked APC
BattlebeeMarwynnInner Sphere (Very) Fast Attack VTOL.
Battlebee First Strike VTOLCarlo aka MarwynnI.S. - Winner of the first contest on HMPro.com, this little hover can travel up to 410km/h.
Behemoth Heavy Tank IICkaraginClan Second Line Vehicle
Bit `Nak ValKaraginAnother of my RenLeg crossovers to BT...
Boomer Ballistic Sub SSB-2750DASTECHA ballistic missile battery equipped sub for ocean worlds.
Bradley FAVTerry FitzSimonsI.S. - The Bradley Family of Armored Vehicles is a standard body that a lot of things can be done with. The basic unit is just the armored hull, power plant, integral CASE system, and a basic armored ramp on the backside, with no weapons or special outfitting beyond the attachment points for the various packages.
Buell Police Interceptor BikeDouglas GlendowerI.S. - Superfast Police Hoverbike
Caravan - 101CyberdykeI.S. Hovertank
Caravan - 102CyberdykeI.S. - Hovertank
Cheetah LTHKaraginLigth hover tank based on the tank found in the Draka novels.
Chi-Ha APC-BA [variant]Davion_BoyI.S. - A Kurita Designed APC for 2 squads of Battle Armor .
Combat HeliocopterBradsim99I.S. - A heavy armed attack VTOL (MG/GL/SRMs/ECM)
Comet - 2CyberdykeI.S. - Fast Heavy Hover
Comet - 3CyberdykeI.S. - Fast Heavy Hover
Comet -1CyberdykeI.S. - Fast Heavy Hover
Demolisher (Clan)_ATM VariantDavion_BoyClan - ATM Variant of the Demolisher in use with Clan Coyote.
DocDocI.S. - All-in-1 Engineer's APC.
Dylan Firefighting VTOLBradsim99I.S. - An Experiment in mouting a coolent system in a VTOL.
Ferret VTOL IICKaraginClan Second line VTOL
FlashfireKaraginHome Tech vehicle
Fury IICKaraginClan Second Line Tank
Goblin IICKaraginClan Second line tank
Hades Reconnaissance Helicopter"Nightsong" McFaddenClan-tech Reconnaissance Helicopter capable of reaching 410Kph, with a light sting.
Heavy Arrow CarrierLoneWolfeClan/I.S. - Inner Sphere (Trinity Alliance) A variant of the Heavy LRM Carrier to make use of the Capellan Confederation's new Arrow munitions.
HISS-1 Armored Security VehicleI.S. Light Security Vehicle
HISS-1 Armored Security VehicleCalisI.S. - Light Security Vehicle
HISS-2 Armored Security VehicleCalisClan/I.S. - Light Security Vehicle
Hond 3KaraginThird in a series...
HoverbikeDiscordI.S. - A small hovercycle. Unarmed but fast.
Hoverbike MkIIDiscordI.S. - No fluff, just a quick and easy vee for infantry support.
Hoverbike MkIII-FusionDiscordI.S. - Yet another Combat Hoverbike.
Hoverbike MKIII-Fusion Small LaserDiscordI.S. - The Small Laser variant of the MkII Hoverbike.
Hoverbike MkIII-ICEI.S. - The ICE version of the MkIII
HovercycleDiscordI.S. - Another light, fast and unarmed hovercycle.
HOWITZ-80 80cm Seige HowitzerJames "Biggles" TaplinI.S. - A massive garrison artillery piece that outshines the Long Tom in destructive power. The downside? Its extreme weight and size.
HOWITZ-80 Ammo CarriageJames "Biggles" TaplinI.S. - 80cm howitzer ammo trailer.
HOWITZ-80 Support TrailerJames "Biggles" TaplinI.S. - 80cm howitzer support trailer.
Hunter LS Tank IICKaraginClan version of the Hunter.
J. Edgar (Taurian Variant)Medron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat.
KahnEladriusI.S. - AFV for the SLDF Battlearmor or unarmored infantry
KershawKaraginAn Assault tank for those looking for something a little different.
Kershaw (FSV)KaraginFire Support Variant of the Kershaw
Kershaw (SPAW)KaraginAn artillery version of the Kershaw...
LAATKaraginMy take on the ATOC Gunship...this time as a VTOL. Check out the other versions as well.
LAAT GSKaraginThird variant of the LAAT.
LAAT TKaraginSecond variant of the LAAT. This one is troop transport.
LAV-ATMaverickI.S. - The Anti-Tank variant, mounts twin SRM-4s with 2 tons of ammo (one standard, one Inferno)
LAV-IFVMaverickI.S. - Base model of a new family of Light Armored Vehicles, this one is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle
LCAC (Wasp) Mk 12GuitarEQClan version of the U.S. Navy LCAC (hovercraft) used in LHD-1 class ships.
Leveler Super Heavy ATM CarrierCat WeatherfordClan. super heavy atm carrier
Leveler Super Heavy LRM CarrierCat WeatherfordClan. Facility defense hard point 100 tns
Leveler Super Heavy SRM CarrierCat WeatherfordClan. Super heavy SRM carrier
Lighting IICKaraginClan Hover Tank
Lightning Tiger LT-01CyberdykeClan Dark Tiger (Clan Wolverine-in exile) 50 ton Hover Omni-Tank.
Lightning Tiger LT-02CyberdykeClan Dark Tiger 50 ton Hover Omni-tank Lvl-3 Tech weap
Lightning Tiger LT-03CyberdykeClan Dark Tiger 50 ton Hover Omni-Tank medium range pulse & tgt comp
Lightning Tiger LT-04CyberdykeClan Dark Tiger 50 ton Hover Omni-Tank SSRM's & 2 er med
Lynx MICV 20KLeon ShirowMICV [L2 Vee I.S.]
Lynx MICV 20K-KLeon ShirowMICV [L2 Vee I.S.]
Lynx MICV 30KA2Leon ShirowMICV [L3 Vee I.S.]
M009 80-ton TrailerDocI.S. - Your basic, "80-ton" Trailer. Intended to work with the Dakota Heavy Transporter.
M1071 Dakota Heavy TransporterDocI.S. - A Prime Mover, the Dakota is intended to pull the M009 80-ton Trailer and carry the M890 Keiler Minesweeper.
M1A3 AbramsBill HauganI.S. - Abrams tank variant.
M220/B1 Soltan Support TankJames "BigglesMKIII" TaplI.S. - With custom weapon (320mm Rifle). Effective, if somewhat undiverse in function, the Soltan is an unbelievable assault mech hunter.
M230 Hercules Engineering VehicleDocI.S. - APC, Recovery Vehicle, what more could you want?
M890 Keiler Remote MinesweeperDocI.S. - A drone Minesweeper, intended to be carried by the Dakota.
Magi IICKaraginClan Second line tank...think big IFV.
medium hover APCRavi "geek" MohanI.S. - medium hover APC
medium Tracked APCRavi "geek" MohanI.S. - medium Tracked APC
mediumwheeled APCRavi "geek" MohanI.S. - medium wheeled APC
Minnesota Self-propelled ArtilleryJimmy the TulipA Draconis Combine artillery carrier.
Montgomery TankDocI.S. L1 60-ton MBT.
Moray HydrofoilChainsaw AssassinClan - Winner of the first contest on HMPro.com, this Hydrofoil can travel up to 443 km/h.
Nor-AmGooseI.S. - APC
North Carolina BattleshipGuitarEQClan Surface Battleship - 300 tons. Exceptional standoff capability.
Oldsmobile Police InterceptorDouglas GlendowerI.S. - Small specialty Police car
Ontos Mk. III RGooseI.S. - Lighter, faster, and now with a reactor!
Ontos Mk. III RGooseI.S. - Lighter, faster, and now with a reactor!
Onxy WarcarKaraginI.S. - Carries some Level 4 tech but it's still fun to use.
Onxy Warcar AKaraginI.S. - Another variant of the Onxy.
Onxy Warcar Mk2I.S. - The last variant of the Onxy warcar.
Panache Class CutterDouglas GlendowerI.S. - Coast guard cutter for Aberystwyth, Lyran Commonwealth 50ton ICE Level 2 1 RAC/5, 2 SRM 6
Patrol Torpedo aka PT BoatBradsim99I.S. - A fast surface ship
Plainsman-T Medium HovertankMedron PrydeTaurian TRO 3058 Plainsman-T
Police Patrol BikeDouglas GlendowerI.S. - Still speedy conventionally powered Police bike
Prowler Explorer VehicleDavion_BoyFASA design from Explorer Corps book, Level 3 because of it's Amphibous.
Prowler Explorer Vehicle- level 2 versionDavion_BoyProwler Explorer Vehicle from FASA's Explorer Corps book, level 2 version with Amphibious weight unused.
Puma IICKaraginAnother Clan second line tank.
Rommel XL-10Medron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-10Medron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-20Medron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-LPLMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-LRMMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-LRMMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-PPCMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-SniperMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-SniperMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-SRMMedron PrydeClan/I.S. - I.S. Taurian Concordat
Rommel XL-SRMMedron PrydeI.S. Taurian Concordat
Savannah Master IICKaraginClan IIC version of the infamous Savannah Master hover
Savannah Master Mk II AlphaLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II BravoLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II CharlieLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II DeltaLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II EchoLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II FoxtrotLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S.
Savannah Master Mk II PrimeLarry "Highball" LeslieI.S. - S.L. Lewis Inc. has upgraded and improved the old design by making it modular!
ScampKaraginMy take on the RenLeg vehicle. I liked it a lot from that game and well it now has a home in BT.
Sea StrikeDarkstar2011 (David DorriI.S. - A small 5 ton hydrofoil designed for the first Design Contest.
Silver HellionCyberdykeClan/I.S. - Clan Hover, 25 ton, 9/14/0, 96 FF armour, 2x er med, 3x mg, 1/2 ton ammo, strk srm6, 2 ton ammo, BV 903, case
Sky Devil Interception VTOLMike "Lobo" RamirezClan - Clan Hell's Horses, realizing the possible effectiveness of VTOLs over ground vechiles for scouting and fast interception roles, developed the Sky Devil to be fastest scout VTOL ever devised and equipped it with good armor and an advanced sensor package. The fact that it can also seriously threaten a light Mech only adds to its effectiveness.
Snow-Kat APC (heavy)Davion_BoyI/S (really) Heavy APC / Cargo .
Speedy Gonzalez HjsI.S. - The hover version of the speedy, fastest and most expensive
Speedy Gonzalez IIjsI.S. - low cost, high speed scout/harasser unit
Speedy Gonzalez TjsI.S. - a ridiculously fast tracked design that is way to expensive to put into production
Speedy Gonzalez WjsI.S. - A wheeled version of the Speedy, slightly faster than the tracked version.
striker (panzer)warhammer3331@yahoo.comClan/I.S. - I.S. my merc groupe usees this verstion mainely in city battles
Stryker MKIIGeekI.S. heavy IFV
Susanoh SNO-12NightstalkerI.S. - C-3ed Hover Battle Armor Platoon Carrier based on Maxim
System Class CrusierDouglas GlendowerI.S. - Naval crusier
Vulture HovercycleDiscordI.S. - Based on the Starcraft unit of the same name. Treat the Auto Grenade Launcher as a Machine gun for BT purposes.
Warrior VTOL IICKaraginClan Second line VTOL
Wasp Class LHD-1GuitarEQClan version of the U.S. Navy LHD-1 amphibious assault class ship. Good copy and great abilities.
Water Moccasincat228I.S. - Patrol Boat - think COBRA
What was thatBrian DimatteoClan
YetiCat228I.S. - 50 tn SFE Snowmobile APC

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