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Import Duty & Customs

For shipments outside the United States, I am required by law to fill out US Customs form CN 22, Sender's Declaration. This form requires a detailed description of the contents of the package (Software), its value in US$ and whether it is a Gift, Merchandise or Commercial Sample. Naturally, the programs are normally considered as Merchandise. Based on precedents set by other software companies, and since HeavyMetal software is sold as a License to use the software, I have revised the value of the shipment to only be for the media, a nominal $5.00, and shipping and handling fees are not included in the value. By setting this low value, import duty and taxes should be minimized, while holding to the letter of the law.

I have been told that Software should not have an import duty when sent to Canada, but do not have any information concerning other countries. Please be aware that you may have to pay an import duty, and that you may receive notification from your local post office concerning it, and may have to pick up the package at the post office.

Please note that I also must attach the above form to shipments sent to U.S. military overseas addresses, using APO address. As far as I know, there is no import duty due on such shipments, however. You can read more about APO shipments here.

If you have any specific questions on the cost, if any, or other information concerning importing HeavyMetal programs, please contact your local post office.

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